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You Gotta Be A Walking Bodhisattva

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you gotta be a walkin bodhisattva if you want to get along all ri-i-i-ight i say you gotta be 'a bodhisattva if you want to walk the street at ni-i-i-i-ight: cause Johnny Heruka he's gonna pursue yeh he's gonna come & drink yr blood & gnaw yr bones & hack you Hmb from limb cause you didn't pay the phone on time & lights on time the law on time the state on time the bank on TIME the rank on TIME the A glank on TIME the flank on TIME on TIME the , TIME the TIME the TIME the TIME jheJTIME TIME TIME TIME TIME TIME TIME IME IME IME IME IME IME IME I'M I'M I' M I'M I'M I'M i'm i'm i'm i'm i'm i'm tellin it like it is nowowowowowOWOWOWOWOWOWowowowowowow YOU i said YOU i said YOU i said YOü gotta get the morning light of visión we see the golden bodhisattvas riding in the sky & in the morning light of INTUITION we see Maitreya the Buddha of Universal Fellowship descending with his ten thousand arhats from out of the blue guiding sixty thousand jade green fi.ëry stallions on the golden cloud in the western sky to thé east of the Tushita Heaven in the center of your middly--brai-YY - ai-YY-ai-YY-ai-YY-ai-VY-ai-YY-nnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn so you gotta be a walkin bodhisattva if you want to walk the knifeblade edge of realityyyyy yyyyyy if itmeans to be free if itmeans to YOU to me to bewe. teil you a story now teil you a story now tt her name is gold & pink that's right she had a rosy glow a rosy glow & they called her Emma Jean who wrote a Dream Book because she has a piece of dream that's too big & she wants to give somt to you & Emma Jean carne to the home of the viman -maker b she knocked on the door of the viman -maker & opened the door & enter ed the lost continent of Mu & there two golden bodhisattvas sat eating rice & Emma Jean said "how can i be free & light & dance on the air" & the golden bodhisattvas laughed & glowed with radiant auras & gave Emma Jean rice to eat & said "this is al) you need to be free & light & dance on air" & Emma Jean ate the rice & sat a while & doubted & said "isn't there something more than this?" & they knew jshe didn t understand & they offered her cooked vegetables k bread & tea & said '"this is what you need to be free. eat well & get thine own radiance & be like us." & Emma Jean ate & sat awhile & doubted & began to cry & said "won't i ever be free & light & dance on air ? " & the golden bodhisattvas beamed their benevolent gift rays & fashioned in mid-air a brassgóng finely tuned to the inner vibration xf Emma Jean & handed her the órnate mallet & told her to play being free & light & Emma Jean struck the gong & ascended three thousand stories to the top of mount sumeru & repaired three thousand chiliocosms to the left of the third rainbow over the crimson sea fe this way for seven eternitiea but yet what has a beginning i has an end. '"''" & Emma Jean struck her gong & flew across the sea of dew & sea of fire & sea of ice & played her magie song & glided through all of the skies of the empires of the earth & sailed the magie sea of ; vibration & sailed the magie ocean of infinite vibration & sailed the ocean with all its denizens of the deep including you & me. & yet what has ' a beginning has an end & Emma Jean was feeling ■ sad & Emma Jean was crying--she couldn't play ' with Jack & Jill she couldn't play with Bo Peep she couldn't play with Captain Marvel Clark Kent ] Lotus Man & Morning Performix & Gizmo Withme & King Samoleoeoeoioioioion (who had a big nose) i --her spirit was tiying across the seven 1 ies but her body was sitting in Lafayette Clinic I & fed by intraveinous injection. j so you gotta be a walkin bodhisattva --listen to I my refrai-ai-ai-ai-ainnnnn you can't walk ; around with your mind separated from yr bodeh1 eh-eh-ehHHHHHHHHHHHH or with yr body i from the mind. , --cause- Johnny Heruka he'll ] come & knife -he'll smash into you with automobee -ee-ee-ee-eeEEEEEEEELLLLLLLL LLi & he'll come & control yeh he'll say yeh gotta work for me & play my money game & do what i teil yeh all the days of yr life & there is no time to find out "who am i" or "where did i come from" or "what am i doing here" tt no timt to find out & no time to find out & no time k no time to do or not to do to do to do to do so we gotta be a walkin bodhisattva tt getfree of things we do not need--yeah--if we getfree of things we do not need & what controls us--we begin to change & see more clearly & to befree we gotta be a walkin bodhisattva & YOU & i & YOU & i & YOU & i can bewe. . . need i say more? should i go into detailabout all the things that control us in this american pseudo -civilization ? can we see with our own eyes & not through anotherseyes ? so this by way of intro-duction not deduction or induction if you never heard this said before. who is this crazy man semark?, tune in turn on same time same chapter same infinity for the COLLAPSE OF AMERICAN PSEUDO -CIVILIZATION --THE RISE OF THE AQUARIAN AGE--REVOLUTION OF THE GLORY OF GOD--GNASHING OF TEETH OF SONS OF BELIAL--THE NEW -DETROIT CHICAGO THE NEW RENAISSANCE --& many more stories from Emma Jean's Dream Book originally written for the SUN & stored up in suspended anima tion vaults for the timewhen negative torces have been exorcised tt this amazing newspaper issued once again í urge every one to support the John Sinclair Defense Fund. John Sinclair advocates use of drugs, i do not advocate use of drugs, that does not matter. this man is challenging single handedly the most corrupt & viscious & unjust department of the MACHINEMACHINE--Í. e. the lower echelons of the law making & enforcing agencies in this country who have to be shocked into realizing that they live in a world of their' own & their decisions & enforcements are unreal t separated from the reality of this community just as Emma Jean's mind separated from her body in above story. & this one man is challenging the notorious narcotics law which is so far removed from reality if it is justly examined & after this one peaceloving man come the hoardes of gun-toting violence mad people WHO WILL NOT REASON & who will deliver the greatest shock of all to the government of american pseudo -civiliza tion that this government is removed from reality like mind separatedfrom body & they do not :ommunicate with the masses--the negro ghetto understands thé government but the government does not understand the ghetto, this is not my opinión or your opinión this is a truth which we ill must realize & share if we have a perceiving eye. i have seen the back side of the law in this country hereabouts & i say that it is arrogance Sc meatthinking it is body with out mind. i do not idvocate overthowing of the law. i advocate that ill people must -that all of us are changenaen whether we realize u or not. some oí us have begun to do work on our selves & reilize the change taking place (black friends talk af racial pride & buik' Ing their own economy & yeterday they talked about playing white man's jame, i advocate that all government personnell realize they are changemen & do work on themselves & perceive with the inner eye & regain :he memory of eternal values which has been lost. this small statement may seem insignifcant to said personnell at this time --but they will be shocked in the years to come-to realize :he very truths we've been telling them. every iction bears reaction. every story that has a eginning has an end. support this peac eloving ■nan & see action in the context of the vhole american pseudo -civilization as i've tried o outline here. support John Sinclair Defenee rund. 3.15.68