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(NOW) The first Midwestern Dope Dealers Convention (FMDDC) was held in Dearborh, Mich. March 25-28. Delegates included over 350 dealers from as far west as Tokin, Iowa & as far Easf as Podunk, Penn. The convention was picketed by an anti -marijuana group called No Hope (NH), Psychedelic Rangers kept order and the convention carried on without incident. According to infórmed sources, the main topic of discussion before the convention was the forming of a co-op scientist guild to supply the psychedelic community with dope, also on the agenda was the problem of greed freak dealers, the entire membership agreed to work dilegently to push dope prices down. Emmet Grogen, dynamic dope tycoon from the Warren Forest was elected chairman and will be midwestern delégate to the National Dealers Conference to be held in New Orleans Sept. 7-12. Grogen in his acceptance speech urged that dealers work together to bring prices down so dope will not be out of reach for even the lowest income families. "We have a responsibility to the community in which we deal, and the community should always be our first responsibility. " Grogen said. When asked , how long before grass would be free? Grogen replied, "I don't want to set a definite time, or date, but by next fall we hope to have enough local growers to cut the price by 75%." Ali right, now dig this! Yippie Festival - last veek in August in Chicago. Yippie I say it, sounds good, makes you want to yell and scream, makes you want to Luck! If you live in the Warren Forest, Lowei East Side or anyof the urban areas you know this shit already, but since the Yippie Festival is going to be made up mostly of suburban innocents they should have at least some idea as to what the upholders of justice are capable of. THERE IS NO LAW & ORDER IN AMERICA! ! Don't kid yourself & don't let your parents or other older people shit you, the pólice are your enemy! The articles you read in the underground papers are true! People really do get the shit beat out of them by the pólice. The pólice really did KILL 3 students in Orangeburg So. Carolina, they are dead, they were killed by the pólice, 3 unarmed students KILLED and 50 other s wounded! There is no Law and Order in America! Cops have been smashing heads in L.A. k New York, Detroit, Boston & Chicago, really! some say 200,000 some say 50,000 thats a lot of freeks, crazy freeks, nuts, out of our heads, crazy freeks, capable of anything! Capable of anything and demanding everythingl Everything, freedom, pure unadulterated freedom, freedom of thought, word & action, rock' n1 roll, dope, & fucking in the streets, a convention and these things will be the platform. But, the old power culture, dying culture, will be ha ving its death convention, power convention. Legalized thugs will overflow the city, thugs with rifles & bayonets & helmets & uniforms, thugs thousands of thugs armed and capable of anything, we can look to Viet Nam & Detroit & Orangeburg and LA & see what they are capable of. The "public servants" are not the upholders of justice they are armed rr.admen willing to carry out the wishes & whims of other madmen who are to be having their death convention. Be wise to the forces that will move against you so you can move around them and above them. Be Aware of the energy you have and what you can do in Chicago and what will have to be done to rid our selves of these forces that will move against us. Yippie!! See you in Chicago unless our Black Brothers step up their urban renewal program and wipe the place out good.