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Flash! Free Music In Gallup Park Every Sunday! Rock And Roll Emerges Triumphant! This Week Mc5, Wilson Mower Pursuit!

Flash! Free Music In Gallup Park Every Sunday! Rock And Roll Emerges Triumphant! This Week Mc5, Wilson Mower Pursuit! image Flash! Free Music In Gallup Park Every Sunday! Rock And Roll Emerges Triumphant! This Week Mc5, Wilson Mower Pursuit! image
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(Ann Arbor, August 7th) Following the success of the first Gallup Park free concert last Sunday local heads and rock and roll fiends will carry on on the banks of the Huron River every Sunday afternoon until further notice. Last Sunday's concert, which featured the Back & Back Boo Funny Music Band, Billy C. and His Killer Blues Band, and the MC5, went off with no trouble whatsoever, just groovy vibes all around. No cops appeared all afternoon throughout the three-hour fest, but Lt. Staudenmaier could be seen with his lady digging the music quietly from the riverbank on an unofficial off-duty visit. Lt. Staudenmaier was instrumental in freeing the Gallup Park location for the free concerts, working in conjunction with Asst. City Administrator Donald Borut and Trans-Love spokesman John Sinclair to find a home for the musIc.

The Gallup Park location, on the south bank of the Huron River near the corner of Geddes Road and Fuller Road, is so isolated from complaining neighbors that the City called us up Monday morning to see if there had been a concert the day before! When they realized that everything is cool they granted permission to use the park whenever necessary, which is pretty incredible.

This Sunday's concert will start at 3 pm and will feature the Wilson Mower Pursuit and the MC5, with other community bands due to fall by for a set. Negotiations are underway to get the Canned Heat out to the park for a jam or two, since they'll be playing in Detroit all weekend. Again, bands who want to do their thing for the people are urged to bring their equipment out and kick em out Sunday afternoon. The concerts are presented by the people for the people--free for all.


FLASH!  Ann Arbor Free Store opens at 801 E. Catherine (rear) under auspices of the Ann Arbor Free School. A telephone will be installed within the week and daily hours will be announced in our next release. The Free Store will accept donations of free goods of any kind for free distribution to anyone who wants them. Much of the clothing collected will be given en masse to local charity organizations. A free circulating library and bookstore will be set up--all old books you're tired of will be put to use if you take them by the store. The Free Store will need workers of all sorts--secretaries, typists, painters, librarians, sorters, gurus, and whatever else is necessary. Free equipment is also necessary-typewriters, paper, mimeo machines, etc. Anything you have and can't use any more, take it to the Free Store at 801 E. Catherine and turn it over to your brothers and sisters. Give it up! and get it off your mind. A Free Store for a Free You.

***FREE SCHOOL CARRIES ON!  Sign up for classes now!  Got your head together! Stop by Free School Headquarters at 801 E. Catherine (rear) to check out the curriculum and schedule of classes. If you want to take a course, teach a course, offer assistance of any kind, check it out, or whatever, make it to 801 E. Catherine (corner of Thayer) and see what's happening. Ask for a list of courses. Dig it!

"Informed sources have revealed to SUN reporters that the infamous Ann Arbor undercover narcotics agents who were allegedly kidnapped and drugged by some dope fiends at 317 E. Jefferson a few months ago (see the Ann Arbor News' lurid account if you want a sick laugh) are back in action and are residing incognito at 544 S. 5th St. We haven't got their names handy but they're probably lying about their names anyway. Watch for them and be advised. This time maybe they won't get away!

****WORK/5, a mammoth magazine of poetry and contemporary language edited by Dave Sinclair and published at the Artists' Workshop Press (a division of Trans-Love Energies Unlimited), will be available to word freaks early next week. Some copies will be distributed in Gallup Park Sunday. WORK was founded in 1965 by Robin Eichele and John Sinclair at the Artists' Workshop in Detroit and has built a reputation for great issues in the literary underground over the years. The current issue will be distributed free in the community. You can pick up your free copy in Gallup Park Sunday or at the Free Store thereafter. Copywrite is obsolete. The words don't belong to "us" --they're everybody's!

 ***Freeks who can't make it with plastic store-boughten drab-ass clothes can get beautiful freek clothes tailor-made by ace seamstresses. Call Chris or Becky at Trans-Love (769-2017), or if you want groovy store-boughten check out the duds at Satyrn Inc. on South State St. They design and sew too. Or better yet, cop yourself a sewing machine and make your own! That's always best.

***Watch for news of a huge three-day Rock and Roll Freek Show at the First Unitarian Church of Detroit September 6, 7 & 8th. The church, located in the heart of Detroit's Warren-Forest community at Cass and Forest, will fill their altar and pews with rock and roll fiends for three nights and days. The concerts have been scheduled as follows: Friday, Sept. 8th: Psychcdelic Stooges, Up, and Billy C. and the Sunshine; Saturday, Sept. 7th: MC5, Stooges, and the Popcorn Blizzard; Sunday, Sept. 8th: MC5, Weird Dude Employment Agency, and Wilson Mower Pursuit. Lights by Trans-Love Magic Veil all three nights. Mark those days off---more news later.

***If you have news you want to get out, bring it over to Trans-Love (1510 Hill St) and we'll get it out. If you have any mimeo paper, any kind of paper, ink, or other supplies, if you have access to an electronic stencil machine, if you can contribute any materials for THE SUN please get in touch with us, at 769-2017.

***See you in the park Sunday. More news as it happens. . ...Be Free!