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Turn-on, Tune-in, Drop-out--to What?

Turn-on, Tune-in, Drop-out--to What? image Turn-on, Tune-in, Drop-out--to What? image
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Mony peoplc of all ages are beginning to see the realities of established society 1 Utn Th7 rangU frOID tefcneyoppers resenting the authoritarianism of mind n tV ?t' confonnity bent parents, to the "nev left" intellectuals who want aren't in? Íeít'T T''í Of+ ítoUSe' tO the largeSt ouP by far, those who aren t interesteed m just sick and tired of the bullshit deal they've been civen and wouldn t mind kicking the shit out of a few pigs and getiing some charges made ay way possible. Since Chicago the level of awareness ha. gone up, not only of the obZus tnings such as the orutality of the pigo and the corruption of the wywtem, but the futility of any hope for cnanges imminent through the existing political systein. If anything lAo? arrire-WOrSe; IhC aSShle Pliticos h ore detenuined on "Law and Order . and nght-wmgnuts are more militant. Off-duty pigs attacked Black Panthers in a Jdjral building, Müautemen shooting up a pacifist commune ("because", they said, "they tí l n" - haf LrJü d were dty) and reporta that pólice ale annlng Y 3í Lrn War becuoing bypical daily report,. Recently the Detroit, pólice have spent WJP OOOon so-called onti-riot ge-ar includiag $Uc,OCO for gas, lCOO for shotguns, „323,000 for carbines and Í3,9CO for rifle acopes. The Frce rresl report f ai led to ment.on the likeligood of pru.hases such as machine guns, armored personneï carríers 'L rÍng f bUllPrOOf - - P-r know tharSrilfe atropSediis ï ïhcSeeifsiy td Íp wiïl ÏÏ h ÏJ ÍÍ yU rüP lnt' Sems there are bound to be Problema. Communes tMn"rTnt"TJ h íígSí S6re WiU be inc-'ast-Jd difficulty in getting controversial boycotted Probly goods and crafts produced by the society will be woekable on a small scal., has ita obvious drawbacks. Not all groups can be as fortúnate assistance and encouragement we can give these people the better. When they f inally decide the systemreally sucks and step over the lino, they risk beatings by the pigs, being jailed, and generally losing a lot of personal eecurity and comfort. It's one thin for a teeney-bopper to drift f rom one crash-pad to onother, scrounging food wherever and doing nis thing and something quite different for say an ex-professor with some runaining fin cxol oblxgatxons that try to tic him back to the establishment. There are ÏÏSse ïho art th g íí Bïf-"?1?ail (r havenl k nough dope) to shake the Protestant thic and thereiore feel thcy iaust do something to thát their beinK is not ToT V thV' f ' fin-cily bound, some form of establishment fuortíng work should be devxsed. Most sincere dropouts are willing to take sbstontial reductíons xn creature comforts but the whole p,oblem of housing and income prosucïhg iíeas tSs on new meanxng when you consider the possibilities of what could happen to the undSrgrod communxty in the event of a rar with the pigs.. What ever form a community work pggS ïï (fV t0 bG a B0B-trt4 a-up so that people couid do their thing and work at the program as an alternative only when necessary. This flexibility would Mghrha:rL1irrUandÜLurility neCded tÍmCS f Stri Whtn Sund otíÍMn t?iS arUClc C"1J toVe ai--1VC(i ÍUto thtí Btturc of comunes, co-ops and finesa ?jas ïS= =%SHrSS5 sir