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The students ut U of H had a demonstrati...

The students ut U of H had a demonstrati... image
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The students at U of H had a demonstration. Yes they did. A real demonstration. About 200 students met on the steps of Rackham hall while old whats-his-name gave the State of the University address, I can't remember his name, he's the president anyway. The students were on the steps running stuff about the university not listening to their demands and all that shit, and not being invited to the State of the University address when all of a sudden the students were invited inside, now doesn't that piss you off? Here you are ready to have this hell of a demonstration because you weren't invited to the address and the son of a bitch invites you in. So now the students had to go inside and listen to this sorry ass old man run all his bullshit, what a flop. The president said something about not tolerating violence, or threats or any of that shit, but then someone called in a bomb threat and the building had to be evacuated. Now if they are not going to tolerate violence or threats they should have all stayed there and got blown up. So there.