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"up Against The Wall & Off The Reservation, Motherfucker."

"up Against The Wall & Off The Reservation, Motherfucker." image
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Shoshone Indiaas in f uil war paint, carrying rifles and giving blood curdling : war crys are putting white hunters up against the wall and running them off the reservations in Nevada. "They looked up and saw us coming -down on them, and they didn't even have time to get their trucks formed into r. circle, they started pleading and crying, it was sickening, one of them went berserk and tried to give us cigarette iighters and mirrors, saying they were magie, 'look, fire comes f rom oilver oox' . It was really sad . gave them 15 min. to get off the resrvation ha', you should have seen them go '. " Spokesman for the renegocies, Rolling Cloud said, "The white man has raped his own land, uow he comes to rapu what little we have. Tbe whitj mui: wastes our mcat while our people ge hungry.:' Stanley Smart, a Shonon Indian, was convicted Oct.ll for possession of deer out of season . Siiiart contondj tiiat as an Indian he has the right to hunt anywhere regardless of seasons by the white man . ■ Rolling Cloud, "Vfe're not naking threats to anyone, we juót want to f eed our people, we ' 11 aöe whatever means neecssary." -x x y : x x Pink is the color love because when you kiss soneone you turn pink sometimes . The color of lovo is like a Pinkest color. If you love someone you either kiss tbeo on the lips or Fuck them. -Edwin (Vth grader, P.S. 166, ïïarlem) 'King just got killed. Inevitable. I used io want to die f rom natural causes until I realized inurdor is the most natural cause oí' all. War, assasination, murder. The o tupid killer shot hiin in the throat, we heard, óc probably figures hu cut off King's ballü . That ' s not what happens . They get transforred. Kennedy' s got transferrcd to American students, Malcolin X's to black people -- King's to me a bit, where elsd? If I die by any mthod other than assasination I haven 't lived as boldly as I intend to..