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Poetry Is Revolution!

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white man 's song ' for Huey Newton. there is no langer, really. revolution to the fullest'. black power shows me no threat . i. find the spades on the corner, the hippies in the street, both getting the same shit f rom the heat . the same turn of the head (they have no necksthese Oakland policemen drive around with a rifle between their'legs. we both realize the common enemy our common fight. Black People . the f irst people to rejwct assimilrvtion into the great plastic universe . America, you created a culture so sick your s laves couldn't dig it . the children of your great 'middle class' are leaving in droves . your cities are burning. i cali for the destruction of law & order. Sc the beginning of the time of man . Richard Krech MY UTOPIA 16 An' ENVIRONMENT THAT WORKS SO WELL THAT WE CAN RUN WILD IN IT. "IL OUB MOST FANTASTTC DEMANDS ARE MET, FANTA3Y WILL BE AT WAR WITH SOCIETY. SOCIETY WILL ATTEMPT THE SUPPRESSION OF FAKTASY, BUT FANTASY WILL SPRING ÜP AGAIN AND AGAIi;, INFECTING THE YOUTH, WAGING URBAK GUERRILLA WARFARE, 3AB0TAGING THE SMOOTH FUNCTIONXNG OF BUREAUCRACIES, WAYLAYING THE TYPIST ON HER WAY TO THE WATERCOOLER, KIDNAPPING THE EXECUTIVE BETWEEN OFFICE AND HOME, CREEP8 INTO THE BEDROOMS OF RESPECTABLE FAMILIES, HIDING IN THE CHAMBERS OF HIGH OFFICE, GRADUALLYTIGHTENING ITS CONTROL, EVENTUALLY EMERGING INTO THE STREETS, WAGING PITCHED BATTLES AND WINNING (ITS VICTORY IS INEVITABLE). WE ARE THE VANGUARD OF FANTÁSY WHERE WE LIVE 13 LIBERATED TERRITORY IN WHICH TANTASY MOVES ABOUT FREELY AT ALL HOURS OF THE DAY, FROM WHICH IT MOUNTS ITS ATTACKSON OCCUPIED TERRITORY. EACH DAY BRINGS NEW AREAS UNDER OUR CONTROL EACH DAY A KEU VICTORY IS REPORTED EACH DAY FANTASY DISCOVERS NEW FORMS OF ORGANIZATION EACH DAY IT FURTHER CONSOLIDATES ITS ■' CONTROL, HAS LESS TO FEAR, CAN AFFORD TO SPEND MORE TIME IN - SELF DISCO VERY... EVEN 'IN THE MIDST OF BATTLES IT PLANS THE CITIES OF THE FUTURE. WE ARE FULL OF OPTIMISM WE ARE THE FUTURE .distributed by N.Y. Motherfuckers Pink is the color of love because wben you kiss someone you turn pink sométimes . ■ The color of love is like a Pinkest color. If you love someone you either kiss them on the lips or Fuck them.