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Indian Brothers Confront The Honkies & Toms

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The governinent . Mdhawk leaders over rotes t against the paying oí' cue Canadiaii borde: One group, who are re y the United States and Cana., -iment ;, have made peace with the Car, uorder officials. The other group howcver. the bad motherfuckers and meciters . SE, refuse to buckle under wi toms, and have vowed tó the protest. As usual the te: n completely to the white i . ' even to the extent of dénouncing their peoples religión. On the other hond the L01 na still believe in the religión of their forefathers, and still live the Indian ways The leader of the Longhouse is choosen for life by the c. thers. The íLonghoUse Indi, i the. protest, saying that from an oíd treaty that ti Indians do not i pay duty on 'goo and that they can use the bridge free of charge, but now the ide with the honkies, while our 3rc ry on tl struggle. VENCEREMOS'. LONGHOUSE BROTHERS'. Great SjpZrlt: never let me judge a nan until I have walked ten days in his moccasins .