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For East Harlem Summer '67

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to wreek the store you buy your wears in to feel & sec the glass bmricin ; fi th .-r. ünd to see & f ecl thir. 'ïntor Utinin;; p ints bad &' points :his shit & that idea the idea' óf tamiliar'streets rriends of yours ripped someónc dut hís cáge someonc som e punks the :papcrs said sóme punks somc fricnds'of mine with scars from 1959 with holes in the veins from 1963 with sons & daughters with mothers save in the projects somc old men lifting their arms' for the first time in ycars grand pops i say i saw grand pops you punks trying to burn down gas stations wliy you should' bc shame of yourscif trying to ovCTturn innocent parkcd cars why you should hido yoúi" face smashing b'ottles against the precinct w:lls why you would jaii yoürsclf throwing gasoline bombs why you should pray for now on knocking the ground óff its L;gs like that brcaking the A&P & tcking milk & oven golden sliced brea-d Hunts Tomato Sauce Coca Cóla bottlcs you íátér threw'at your friendly poíícyou wcre di-urik the papers said drunk tctn-.'.gcrs whu had ra jobs winos who ran up a block one punk had' n: bow&arrow two punks with rifles sitting by garbagc cans ready to bc aimcd & fired at the: fricrrdly pólice a girl punk going in ir nt wf !thrè cop's & yelling telling thlem I kiss 'her as-s' you dumb you racist gringo ycu worst, then devils you think you bad 'with thosc big guns the girl punk with a sorc throat was carried away by friends the night cxplodin . the papers said you wcre drunk BUT WE KNOW WE WERE HIGH.