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(SEND IN REPORTS) FLASH -- White panther Eíinister of Information, John Sinclair, convicted in Oakla.nd, ííich. for assaulting a pig (that's what they say after tftey beát the people bloody and mace us); sontencing will be May 12 & an appeal is planned. FLASH'- Fred_"Mad Dog" Smith, J.IC5 guitarist was found NOT GUILTY in Oakland, Mich. on a jbig assault charge. STRIKE FAST & ESCAPE! FLASH -- White Panther Minister of Defensa, Pun Piar ndon & Minister of Educa tion, Sfcip Taute were busted for giving ■' " away ■ ' information about the White Panther s -- (distributing obsceno materia to minors) -- seems the authorities take the statement "Fuck God In The Ass" out of context and use it as an excuse to harrass and try & snuf f out the Ministers and high school brothers of the White Panthers. The preliminary exam starts May Ik & Skip and Pun will represent themselves in court (after consulting with lawyers f rom the National Lawyers Guild (cali them if you are ever in need of legal assistance, they are pretty hip and understand the bogus bullshit of the laws in a radical way) FLASH -- John Sinclair busted at the Canadian border fot "failure to register as a dope .f i end" A TOTAL FRAME UP CHARGE THE PI GS AND THE POWER STRUCTURE ARE TRYING HARD 'TO SILENCE THE MINISTER OF INFORMATION WHITE PANTHERS SAY WE WILL NOT BE FUCKED WITH & WE WILL PROTECT OUR .OWN EY ANY MEANS NECESSARY ! ! l FLA3H - The Detroit Bombing Conspiracy trial starts May i This ié very serious and the People should come to court once or twice and help each other figure out ways we can save our righteous brothers and sisters from the gallows'! FLASH -- Please send reports of any mail that has been molested by the Post Office. The Pony Express will ride again -- ARMEDLOVE '