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Streets Belong To The People

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Reference is to events of 3 weeks ago:

South University was the scene of a police riot last Tuesday and Wednesday--Major Harris declared that the 2000+ people in the street could not declare themselves the people. Sheriff Harvey and his killer goons from other counties made sure that the people were not allowed to prove wrong the Mayor's beliefs that the streets do not belong to the people. The whole communities resources were wasted to viciously beat heads and arrest innocent people instead of being used to intensify the murder investigation and solve the housing problem in Ann Arbor. There was no reason for the police and the Mayor to clear the street-traffic can easily flow around the block. it's done for 5 days during the Art Fair--and it would only cost the salary of a few traffic police  instead of overtime for hundreds of riot squads. The violence resulting from the closing of South University  rests solely in the hands of the Mayor, and the Police, especially Sheriff Harvey. When the people closed the street to traffic on Monday night, there developed an organic  leadership that provided for everyone's welfare--there were no arrests or beatings because there was no police--People dealt with each other as brothers and sisters. There was a good time for all--party, drink, love, dance, music, people together--a community with the battle  of Berkeley's People Park fresh in their minds and a revolutionary concept of how to live in the city--turn South University into James rector Memorial Mall.* Let the pollution machines and the merchants give way to the people's need to be together close to the mother earth. All Power to the People!

Skip Taube 

Minister of Education

White Panther Party

*Rector was the man killed in "people's park" fracas in Berkeley in June, 1969.

Support Legal Self Defense

(1510 Hill, 769-2017)

Our brothers and sisters require legal aid and bail money when they are busted. The community on a whole must support individuals under attack-Donations and Benefits are Needed Now! Also-attend the "riot trials" testify against the pigs-expose their lies-Form a U.F.A.F!


FLASH--Punk ass Harvey and his racist goons have a new threat to the revolutionary people of AA--the killer hair fetish. During the June occupation of AA by foreign troops, the sheriff's deputies made it a point to cut the hair & beards of brothers who were busted for defending their community. Harvey has now put this program into action on a daily basis.

ITEM: Chuck was hitch-hiking late at night and was stopped by a Harvey piglet, placed in the car, taken to the station and booked for drunken disorderly. Chuck was NOT drinking--PERIOD. The pigs have have flipped out; Harvey then had the brothers hair and beard shaved off, to the glee of all his little pigs.

ITEM: Terry Tate found out there was a warrant for his arrest stemming from the West Park Free Concert last sunday. Terry was staggering and screaming, when his cheap ass american suit of clothes disintintigrated, right before the people's eyes. Terry then changed his clothes, to much cheering on from the crowd, and continued to kick out the jams. Well there was a warrant issued for Terry's arrest and Terry contacted the honkie pigs and told them he would surrender himself on Wednesday. Terry did this. That rascist honkie judge, rat face elden put Terry on a $5,000,000 bond for a misdemeanor!! That racist pig who murdered the dude in the Algiers motel was walking the streets on a $500 bond, yet Terry's misdemeanor got 5 grand. Terry's friends and Legal Self Defense  were making arrangements to post the bond, and while this was going on the AA police shipped him over to the Harveys pig sty pen. 

And sure enough HOG HEAD HARVEY had Terry's hair cut off. That is cultural surgery, assault and perverted. OFF THE PIGS!!