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If You Are Stopped By The Police

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1. You may remain silent. You mast give your name and adress, but you do not have to answer ANY questions. ANYTHING you say may be used in court as evidence. Don't volunteer any information you don't want to heat u sed against you at a later date. Your best bet is to REFUSE TO MAKE ANY STATEMENTS TO THE PÓLICE other than your name and address. 2. The pólice may arrest you legally: a. by serving you with n arrest warrant listing your name and the 'crime' you are charged with, or b. if they have 'REASONABLE' grounds to believe you are committing or have committed a crime. 3. The pólice may legal ly search your person and an area within your immediate presence ONLY if they have arrested ,. on or if they have a search warrant. ASK TO SEE I T I Don't panic and give them reason to arrest you-then any search conducted by the pólice becomes legal. 4. The pólice must inform you of the offense with which you are charged, b t frequently refuse to do so. 5. Whatever happens, you should not resist qrrest even if you are innocent, or else you may be.beaten and charged with'assaulting a pólice officer, ' or not beaten and charged with 'resisting arrest.' That is standard procedure everywhere in Amerika. 6. Write down the arresting officers badge numbers .;, ad names whenever possible. If you can't write it down try to memorize whatever information about them you can obtain and report the incident to LEGAL S E L F - D E F E N S E , 1510 Hill.AnnArbor 48104. Write up your own report or visit the LSD office and make a tape. If you can't come in cali LSD at 769-2017 and give your report over the phone.