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The Free U. lives within each of us. It is the body, that totality of experience which we are and which we are willing to share. And in the process of sharing ourselves with others, we can become an organic part of new experiences and new ideas that contribute to our own growth, our own sense of mystery, our own sense of fulfillment.

Most important, we need people who would like to organize classes --- to initially become the focal point around which this organic growth can take place. We also need artists, writers, printers to help design and publish our catalog. If you are interested, call Open City at 831-2770.

The Free University exists by itself and yet is also an integral part of Open City --- or an aggregate of the sum total of energy devoted to an alternate society of community. brotherhood, and high energy consciousness. A frame work for this actuality already has been established. The Free University is one example. A free medical clinic, a food co-op, a community arts & crafts store, a legal self-defense fund, a 24 hour information switchboard are others.

Neither the Free University nor Open City adheres to any structured, political ideology --- we feel that political ideologies, as they become separated from the people degenerate into rhetorical propaganda. And if any ideology is implicit in the mere existence of Open City or the Free University, then that ideology is much more spiritual than political. And action is the best definition of belief.

The Free You exists because a change was needed in our educational processes -- a shift away from monolithic institutions that perpetuate the Wonder Bread ideals of a plastic, 20th century society --- a shift towards a more intimate, organic relationship between people, their spiritual centers, and the world they inhabit. We believe:

that education is not some mystery locked within the walls of any institution, and accessible only to an elite few.

that education is the total interaction of man with his universe, and each new day holds the promise of discovery.

that this experience cannot be qualified or quantified by grades, texts, or degrees.

that each individual needs the freedom to direct his own educational experiences --- free from the control of administrative bureaucracies and disciplinary oligarchies.

that man is the most mystifying creation of all and has two saving graces: his sense of humanity and his constant state of wonder.

that materialism sucks the life-blood of our soul and destroys our spiritual and creative growth.

that if we are to survive as a people, we must regain contact with that humanity.

that through the process of sharing, and learning, and growing we not only embrace each other, we also embrace ourselves.

Our actions speak for themself: The community has responded and that response is growing. In the past two terms of the Free University, 54 different courses have been offered and a total of over 700 young people involved. A few of those courses were:

fun: making toys

life-space seminar

creative photography

krishna consciousness

modern american myths

teaching about peace and war

mysticism and supernatural

problem kids

critique of marxism

peasantry and the third world

derivative political philosophy

experiment in human nature

dope: its effect on community

art, poetry, dance workshops

non-violence as a lifestyle

blues harp workshop

encounter groups

woman as nigger

In the past the majority of Free U courses have been principly "academic". In our next term we would like to see an equal number of non-academic courses --- courses that rely more on interaction than on intellectual content. Street Theatre. Flute Playing. Bread Making. Yelling at the Pond, Etc. The possibilities are unlimited. Nothing is too trivial, or too oblique to exclude human involvement and that mystery of discovering something new. Everyone that reads this can and should, organize a course on whatever interests him.

If you would like to organize a course, or would like to work on the Free U catalog, contact Open City at 831 -2770.