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Food Survey

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food survey

1. Would you be interested in beans (eg. pinto, navy, lima, lentils, etc)?

2. What objections have you had to foods in the past? Please name the food.

a. didn't know what it was

b. didn't know how to cook it

c. spoiled or inedible (if fruits or vegetables are mushy and do not look appealing, put them in a soup or stew or mash or boil them)

d.don't use

e. other objections

3. We already buy brown rice but are there other natural foods you like (eg. stone-ground whole wheat flour, soybeans)

4. Other foods you like?

5. Do you know anything about fruit or vegetable growing? Open City has access to a farm in Caro and we plan to grow our own.

6. Other comments.