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Lonnie Gets 12-15

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NEW HAVEN- (White Panther Community News Service)- The trail of Lonnie McLucas, the first member of the New Haven 9 to be tried for the death of Alex Rackley, is over. The jury handed down a verdict of guilty for the charge of conspiracy to murder while dropping the charges of kidnapping, kidnapping leading to death, and criminal binding. The jury, which stayed-öut longerüua any jury in the history of ConnecticuO unable to reach a unanimous decisfl was continuously charged byB Mulvey that they had to relB unanimous decisión, like it or not. f inally made a deal with eacMM Lonnie was scntenced to 1 2 -Ê 1 g for this charge, plus jfl Hte actual murder of Alex I; EWS which has yet to be ajH State's plan next involvesH Huggins, Peggy Hudgins. George Edwards to begiwJ 11 or 9. Following their trial, theyjj gj the trail of Bobby Seale. ia last two days of the trial, the g9 offered all the defendants the ■ cop a plea to lesser charges if tfl testify for the state against V However, even though the state H wants Seale, they will continue to tfl the lives of the rest of the innocentH as well. Ê Erika, Rose and Peggy havePB in jail since May, 1969, without bail. TM have sufferedincredible treatment at_ hands of the prison offiH unconscious many times, being forjfl deliver their children under armedB Erica had her tong Ked down the middle when a demSrill "slipped", Peggy Hudgins weighsM pounds, and all her joints are swoBb the point of almost total paralysis. xne prison officials refuse to allow her to see a physician of her own choice. Other tactics used by the jailers to break these sisters and brothers are enumerated in the demands made by the sisters to the prison autjlprities. Jphe oppressive tactics used in this caleto break people, the lies and bullshit onthe part of the state to convict Lonnie, are all part of the pattern that this society telt to keep everyone in line. The daily MJBkssment used to blind people to an Hative system free of competition and BBily works so long as people try to ■e:But of their isolation separately. We BrBstruggle alone. Alone we are lakjnd afraid. In order to win we must IHlofïlher Together we must begin to JWefilÉour collective existence on our ifowti As, ignoring the pigs' lies and TTtoajSda. When we begin to unf fl I)OW we are a" fuck?d with by the anl Uk then wc can come together to MnVo real battle with the Monster. uflKiils in New Haven are important □ney simply reflect the same BI put up with every day on a BvmL We must begin to think EcpHBOUgh about the struggles our ■PrsandBfcs are engaged in so that Begin to sfl Bvolutionary solutions to BroblenaRoluions which allow us to n. t"syifirirltruggle 'n terms we hSoIjPr which begin to make ■bfBBvc have to the power Bentical consequence as a Blhe people it is ripping off from Bunities. Nationwide attention Bcused on New Haven in order to fl Bs many people as possible to the rfl Bf the coming fascism in fl Bka. The Panthers are in jail for u9 Bve are out here for them. pE ALL POLITICAL PIBÍERS! Bng live the spirit of .)J CKSON! Nct Branch, White Panther Party