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Sundance Is Edited By The Central Committee

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OF THE WHITE PANTHER PARTY CENTRAL COMMITTEE John Sinclair, Chatrman Pun Plamodon, Minister of Defense Ken Kelley, Minister of Information Genie Plamodon, Minister of International Affairs Magdelene Sinclair, Minister of Education Skip Taube. Minister of Interior Frank Bach, Minister of Culture Gary Grimshaw, Minister of Art Judy Janis, Minister of Propaganda Dave Sinclair, Chief of Staff SUNDANCE STAFF Edited by the Central Committee Coördinator Ken Kelley Art - Gary Grimshaw Assistant Coördinator Terry Taube Circulation Judy Janis, Hiawatha Bailey Correspondents Tom Hayden, Marjorie Heins, David Fenton, JeffShero, MikeAldrich Photographer Detroit Annie, Magdalene Sinclair SUNDANCE 's i member of Liberation News Service and Prensa Latina. Published by the Ministry of Information, White Panther Party, 1520 Hill Si.. AnnArbor, Mich. 48104. Telephone (313) 761-1709. Subscription ra te $5 per year (25 Issues)