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At a wedding in the Arb several weeks ago, some of the feast food was electric; jello with acid in it, cookies with "mescaline", and hash brownies. These drugs when knowingly taken, hopefully produce good trips and boss highs. Yet many people, ignorant of the extras in the refreshments, joined the procession. A day later, concerned about hls wife's behavior, a man called DrugHelp f or information about psychiatrie hospitals. His wife had f lipped out and both feit she should be mitted. The Drug-Help operator discovered that the couple had been in the Arb and at the wedding. He explained that the food had been electric and the wife most likely tripping. Other bizarre incidente were prevented by taking cookies, brownies, and jello away f rom young children. Electric food is ood if you know what your eating. The prospect of a tripping 4 year old in the emergem room of a hospital isn't very appett. ing. ..' i . ; ..„.„„■;.,,