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"The young people. . .having broken away from their family traditions and refusing to participate in a culture increasingly dominated by a de-humanized and de-natured approach to knowledge, to social organization, and to interpersonal relationships, long to discover their place and function in a more-than-human universal or cosmic order. They want to know where they "belong, " what they "really are" when the games are played out. Alas, the majority of astrologers are still too close to the fortune-telling category, too obsessed by telling 'what will happen, ' to be able to answer the needs of the young rebeL " Dane Rudhyar The Astrology of Personality When we study astrology we are first of all acknowledging that all things affect all other things. We are concentrating on the particular effects of the planets and stars movi moving in an obviously organized way along with the planet we live on. U's how we teil time for one thing. There was a time in history when the people of the planet were aware of the movements of at least two bodies, known as planets in astrology: the Sun and the Moon. The Sun is the life giving, the Creative, out-rushing energy; and the Moon is the receptiv tive, nourishing, mysterious, emotional. In death culture astrology the Sun is connected with the male father image, and the Moon with the femalemother image - par with death culture definitions of the separate and unequal roles and emotions of men and women. Astrology is used in a backward evi 1 way when interpreted like -we are all influenced by both the Sun and the Moon: to deny that is to perpétrate unnatural separations through role definitions that keep us from discovering our true potential. Everybody, everything in fact, has its positive and negative qualities, including the planets and constellations. We have to learn how to understand the the ancient interpretations of these influences, and then apply that to our situation now and add what we have learned and see how the planets affect us by our observation. By understanding both the positive and negative attributes of the planets we can learn how to intensify the positive and reduce the negative until we become more aware and in tune with what 's happening and get back in balance. It is ancient knowledge how influences work by vibrations and how important the moment of birth is; when we take in our first breath we are stamped with the vibrations at that moment. So by studying where you were born you can learn a lot about what influences are working on you right now and how that relates to you persona ally. Just knowing the positions of the Sun and the Moon makes a lot more sense out of everything. The Sun moves through a sign every month, changing around the 21st. Thus, the Sun went into Aries March 21 signaling the first day of Spring, the beginning of a whole new Zodiacal cycle (year). The Sun went into Taurus on April 20 and will stay in Taurus until May 21st. Taurus is the Buil. ft takes the outrushing Spring energy oí Aries and consolidates it. Taurus at its best is perseverance, stability and strength; at its worse it's blatantly stubborn and clumsy, like a Buil in a china shop. While these days are good f or the people to be demonstrating solidarity and consolidating energy, Nixon and his pais are more stubbornly determined than ever before to ignore the will of the people and continue bungling their way through history. Taurus has to do with possessions and finance too, and often accumulates a lot. It is an earth sign (all are either Fire, Earth, Air, or Water) and is ruled along with Libra by Venus, the planet of Love. The Moon on the other hand changes signs every two or three days. The Sun's position influences the very essence of the kind of energy vibrations in the air. The position of the Sun when you were born speaks to your essence as a personality. The Moon influences reactions-reactions to people, situations, anything you react to. The Sun radiates its. own light and rules the essences of every thingbody, the Moon ref lects light and rules reactions. Where the Moon is now determines general reactions and emotions. Study that in relation to where the Moon was when you were born and you can understand a whole lot of stuff about yourself and howwhy other people react the way they do too. We all have to remember that we were brought up pretty backwards: to be selfish and competitive and possessive and generally separated even f rom the people we are closest to. By studying the position of the Moon we can better understand the forces at play upon us, and learn how to develop the best possible conditions and relationships. Unless astrology is used to help bring us back to complete harmony with everything and everyone, it easily becomes a game that has little or nothing to do with actual conditions. On April 10 there was a full Moon in Scorpio. The full Moon is the Moon at tis brightest, most effective - I cant emphasize enough how important the Moons influence is, it blows me out to be aware of its position every day. The full Moon especially has an extremely strong and lasting influence. The next full Moon (May lü) will be in Scorpio also. Scorpio is one of the most intense signs in the Zodiac. U's the deathlife cycle, rejuvenation - but it's also the sting of the scorpion and can be very hateful without meaning to be, as well as intensify the hate of those perverted people who dig being hateful, like certain "law enforcement" personel and so many people from our parent's death culture. The scorpion is the only animal that can sting itself to death. We have to develop the life-giving aspects of Scorpio, while remembering there are a iot oí people who will use it to destroy and be ugly- it's intense either way. OK. This is all I have room for now. LovePower to the People Revolution is the way to Life 1