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Letter From Algiers

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Dear Comrades. . .

Beautiful words of Brother Pun and Sister Genie received. We think daily of John and Pun. Pray and work for their release. We are glad that WPP name will be changed. New Life. New name. We have seen three rainbows this week. All-color spectrum. No white. No Black.

Yes, sexual Liberation is key revolution. We view a Comrade by the way She-he treats His-her mate. We view a Comrade by Her-his sexual postures. So much that is called "political" is twisted sexual chauvinism. Whew! Freedom! Yes, tribal model is cultural unit. We have not received John's recent words. But everything he wrote up to Nov 70 was perfectly in tune. Yes, the Indian model is basic to American Revolution. Not the Chinese. Not the European. The soul of the land is Indian. Sun Dance.

We have, like everyone else, been dismayed at the disintegration of political forces. We keep murmuring: there are Seven Revolutions; and the internal must precede or accompany the external. We keep hearing the response: No there is Only One Revolution and It is Mine. Blessed Rainbow message. Seven colors. Prisoner liberation has been our first priority. Weather has been our model. While we are out of touch; everything we hear and feel from Weather is beautiful. Many forces have fiercely attempted to confuse and distort our message. To block our contribution. No matter. The word "political" is so tricky. Politics to us means: Power to the People. Politics means Liberation. But to many "politicals" politics means Power to the Elite. Freedom for me; control over you. We believe that no one is fooled. Nixon fools no one. Repressive rhetoric fools no one.

There is a global consciousness network. A majority of the people KNOW what is happening. We are close to the Great Liberation. It is the control people who are driven to despair; to rigid violence. We have been escaping from one prison after another. In spite of the obfuscation that is clear. So much depends on our strong brave women. All the mistakes are being made by male chauvinists. The lesson is being learned. You are so blessed in your good unions.

We remain at your service. Whatever role we can play in your rebirth, reorganization. . . let us know. Keep us informed. We await your message. Blessings. Love. Courage. We are with you.

Tim & Rosemary Leary