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On Tuesday May 11, the Free People's Clinic set a new record for itself in the number af patient's seen, seeing thirty-two people during evening clinic hours. Come on over, but come early - clinic opens at 7:00pm and will not see people who come after 9:30 302 East Liberty, in the Ozone House, on the second floor. Also, on Sunday May 9, pre-draft check-ups were given to 25 men, at the clinic, by medical students familiar with what someone can get out on. This is being done to give someone a good idea bef ore they go to their physical whether or not they can get out on a physical problem and to make sure that people get a f uil up to make sure no fault is missed. E you are in need of such a physical, cali the medical clinic, 761-8952, and leave name and phone number for Riek. There already is a waiting list for the next couple of weeks, but appointments will be made for people who leave word as soon as possible. Remember that this program is separate from normal clinic operation and will only be done on Sunday afternoon, not during regular clinic hours.