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We'd like to expand this letters column. lts one of our ways of keeping in touch with you. Send us love letters, criticism, dope, let us know what's on your mind. Send it to the SUN, 1520 Hill St. , Ann Arbor 48104. And don't f orget, postage goes up to eight cents starting Monday. . . May 7, 1971 Peace: I don't know really how to begin. My name is Richard Santana, 21, Chicano but not free. lama common everyday person. I spent 16 months in Vietnam; luckily, as a clerk. So I had to never shoot or hurt the people of that beautiful country. I went there as a "true American?" ready to find the enemy. After awhile I soon found out that we had no business there, that the Vietnamese people didn't want us there. Spending hours at the village smoking dope I saw the Vietnamese people degrading themselves to the great American soldier. I saw the hate in their eyes when Americans passed. All this because some rich man wants more money. Then to come home to this pĆ³lice state. It was too much for my head. I have been home for 6 months on my ass. Today I read SunDance for the first time. What can I say ? It was too much. The time has come for everyone to get off their asses. I believe your party is the one to give America back to the people.