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Hill Rocks For Park

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Tlie Community Parks program concert was a sucess beyond anyone's expectations. Not only were the people of Ann Arbor treated to some fine jams. but che Parks Program raisea t 750 dollars in the deal. Peoples thanks should go to both Bob Seger, and Teegarden and VanWinkle, for righteously making there time available on a Saturday night (when they could have scooped up lots of coin at a giy: somewhere) to play for the peopie. and help the Parks Program. Seger did the first set. mustly by himself. He sane; and played acoustic guitar. This was a side of his music he hadn't shown bei ore. and il was reallv' fine. The tunes were all origináis, and a far cry from Persecution Snüth. Then he brought out his band, and well, you could really teil that they hadn't played together in sometime. They also had equipment trouble. Then Teegarden and VanWinkle came out and left the audienr e on their feet and dancing. The set was killer good, if not a trifle long. The set was being recorded though. and they wanted to get it all in. The surprise t 1 9 ture, was Bob Seger playing with Sk and Dave. They ran through a nice f but it was cut short by the twelve o' clock deadline. (The rent goes up al ter twelve). It sure was fine tokin' i and getting down in Hill Aud. The success of this concert, and the recent gigs in the Union Balln show that the people want their nv. and will support it when it's not run by a small circle of Rip-off Culture Vulture Rock promoters, who are i after money, and not interested in people or the masicians. Maybe the people in the Motor City will piek on this, and get some music to the community. The people need mus and if the people in Detroit can ge together, Detroit could have plenty good music as well. Look for more of these gigs in future, and Don't forget THE PARK CONCERTS ARE COMING-June 6th. Joe Tiboni