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There are so many different things to say about marijuana it would be hard to say it all. Some people cali it a weed, some a dangerous narcotic, some cali it a euphoric drug, some people cali it a sacrament, some use it as a relaxer and socializer, and the father of our country grew it for use as a rope. It's been around for thousands of years. I'm inclined to believe that when Moses went up on the mountain and saw the burning bush that became God, that bush was marijuana; it's easy to believe, when you've smoked marijuana.

You see, we believe every drug has its own spirit teacher and life style that goes with it. You can get to know people in terms of the drugs they use. People who use strictly a lot of alcohol and American tobacco have a certain life style and way of relating to each other, So do people who use a lot of speed and or smack. People who use a lot of cocaine have a certain life style and way of relating to each other. And so do people who use marijuana and the psychedelics. We also relate to the fact that everything we put into our body has its effects; all the food, smoke, polluted water and air. It not only affects the way our bodies grow, but our brain is part of our body too so it affects the way we think. In that respect, everything we put into our bodies becomes a drug of some kind. If you study original cultures all around the planet, you'll find that all peoples knew the uses of the plants that grew in their area, and used them not only as food, but as medicine (internal and external) also.

Marijuana has been around for a long time. Traditionally it has been known to be ruled by the planet Saturn. (Plants too have their planet affinities, planets that affect them and work through them.) In the last columns I've written I've talked about Saturn, and I'm going to repeat what I've said about it before. It is usually connected with the image of Satan, as the tester, the one who through so much incredible bullshit to do what we gotta do. This idea is always with the fact in mind that it is struggle that makes us strong, the more shit you go through, the stronger you get. Saturn is also the planet of limitations. From a spiritual point of view our limitations are our senses - which goes to show that limitations are not always a bad thing; limitations are just facts that must be dealt with. Marijuana makes us more aware of our limitations, of our senses, of the hard facts around us, and what we have to do, what we are capable of.

The fact that marijuana is specifically ruled by Saturn doesn't overturn the fact that drugs in general are ruled by Neptune. Drugs in general give off an air of otherworldliness, of eccentricity and craziness to a lot of people still. And many drugs are like that, leaving us much less aware to deal with what's happening around us. We all go through a lot of shit when we first start smoking marijuana, it puts your head through many changes and opens up our thought process to whole new ways of thinking and dealing with things, The fact that it is also ruled by Neptune reminds us of the haze we go through sometimes not knowing how to think, not really being able to understand the subtle changes we go through over a long period of time.

The fact that marijuana is ruled specifically by Saturn shows us its incredibly practical capabilities. That even though it may be confusing at the start, it has much to teach us about getting back into our bodies, about re-sensitizing ourselves as human beings on this planet we live on. Marijuana is a life-culture drug and teaches us about it itself through it's spirit smoke. You can eat it, bake with it, make tea with it, and it's a very beautiful delicate looking yet sturdy plant. Some people refer to it as an herb, though it too like everything can be abused if not understood correctly. At any rate, it has had profound effects on our people for many thousands of years and its spirit is not to be taken lightly. It is very timely that the laws are changing - too many people are hip to getting high in too many different walks of life for this prohibition era to continue. . . the wrongs committed to people who love marijuana or maybe were just trying to get to know it are just too far out. When there are laws and so much heavy false propaganda for so long against something as simple and good as marijuana the contradictions in the government start becoming clearer and the people start demanding more truth, more reality self-determination for our people, FREE MARIJUANA! FREE OURSELVES!

Sisters find your sisters
Brothers find your brothers
People find your people
The Sun and Moon are with us
We will come together
The Rainbow is our spirit.