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Anyone interested in baking goods to be sold at the free concerts in the park this summer cali the Park Program number, 769-9405, right now and teil them what you can do. People's Food to the People! FLASH! Anyone who has a van or large truck willing to get up early Saturday mornings (around 7:00 am) to drive to the Eastern Market in Detroit or loan vehicles during that time, please contact the food co-op at 761-1709we need lots of help in getting the food f or the co-op as well as huge amounts of fruit for the Park Concerts every Sunday. FLASH! The Rainbow People's Party and Ann Arbor SUN staffers find it necessary to make eral trips to Detroit each week,' and our vehicles are wilting under the intense pressure. H s there are any people in the community who make regular ■, trips to Detroit and who would í not mind us calling for a ride í now and then, please cali us at 761-1709 so we can talk it over. Same goes for folks who need rides. Feel f ree to cali us if you got to go to the moter city. FLASH! Everyone should know about Yoga classes every morning starting at 9:00 AM in the Arb! ! ! $1. 00 donation to the teacher would help too. Different levéis of exercises for everyone each marning. FLASH! FOR SALE: Eumig C-6 Powerzoom 8mm reflex movie camera, with Mansfield projector and editor. All for $75. Polaroid 210 Colorpack camera with carrycase, flash, selftimer, and development timer. All for $25. Cali Jack in Detroit at 366-3050. FOR SALE: Fender Mustang W2 pick-ups, vibrato, case, $80. Cali Doug at 663-1031. FOR SALE: Good musical axes, alto saxophone, cheap, $65. 00. Cubano bongóes, $30. Marimba, $50. 00. Cali Mare at 665-5390 or 761-1284.