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Last week for the first free concert on Sunday the Moon was in Scorpio. And it was an intense day all the way around. packed with events and crazy weather f rom the heavy storm in the m orning to the killer sunshine that afternoon, to more rain. This week the Moon will be in Aquarius on Sunday. A really good place for the Moon to be. I think it's necessary to repeat that the Moon influences the way we react to everything, to people, to situations, etc. It changes signs every two or three days and is very strong in our lives here on Earttu Aquarius is one of the most futuristic signs of all. It is symbolized by the water-bearer, often referred to as the Helper of the Warrior. ft has vibes of universal sisterhood and brotherhood, universal love. U's colors are the colors of the Rainbow, the symbol we have chosen as the Rainbow People's Party, to show the love and unity we seek for all peoples on our planet, recognizing also that our futuristic youth culture is made up of elements from so many different existing and past cultures. The Moon in Aquarius is usually a high time, with people very conscious and considérate of each other. One of the heaviest afflictions put on us through the educational system and so-called moráis of the death culture of this government is the individualistic interests we are brought up with. What we have to do is créate a situation where we can 1 grow up developing ourselves to our ' lest potential individually, and then 1 learn all over again how we relate, I where we fit in, to the whole of thing else. That's what the Aquarian i Age is all about too. ( This week the Moon is in conjunction 1 with Mars too. This means that they ] will be working right next to each other, very much together. Mars adds lots of energy to whatever planet it is working with or any sign it's working through. Adding lots of energy to the Moon in Aquarius sounds great, although Mars energy does tend to become violent or out of hand as in it's traditional pretation as the god cí war. Being conscious of this is whathelps us direct it positively. The Moon is also going to be trine to the Sun on Sunday. Trine is 120 degrees apart and is one of the best aspects planets can have with each other, making it easy for them to work together positively. The Sun and Moon trine to each other helps make our inner emotions and feelings come out energetically through the Sun's manifestations. It's gonna be a high energy day. Another important thing that's happening this week is Venus moving into Gemini on Saturday the 12th. Venus traditionally is the goddes s of Love. K moves through each sign in approximately twenty-two days. Wherever Venus is has a lot to do with our relationships with other people, and when a planet works through Gemini is given broad scope. Gemini is the twins, going from :xie extreme to another. It is also communie ation and teaching and experience. With Venus in Gemini it should be much easier for us to broaden our interests, so that we don't limit our love for one or two people most closely associated with us, but are able to open up and love many many people and see the possibility of ending the nuclear family ruse where only small numbers of people live and work together. Gemini does have the strong tendency to broaden the scope of a planet so mach that nothing concrete comes out of it, but again, being aware of that helps us to deal with the situation positively. Venus in Gemini hopefully wiÜ help us to communicate our love more readily too, and learn more about it, and experience more. Sisters find your sisters Brothers find your brothers People find your people The Sun and Moon are with us We will come together The Rainbow is our spirit.