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Dope Famine?

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5 there seems to be a lack oí good marijuana on the underground market - or if the prlce per lid is suddenly climbing - this could be caused by the U. S. Department of Customs. Customs officials in Washington this week reported the amount of grass seized during the first nine months of fiscal 1971 was almost twice that seized during the same period last year. A customs spokesman boasted that agents had seized and arrested more than 5, 000 alleged grass smugglers between last July lst and the end of April- netting more than 140, 000 pounds of illegal marijuana. The sharp-eyed agents credited their growing success to tactics varying from dogs with better noses to the f act that more grass is being smuggled today than ever bef ore. The 140, 000 pounds seized during the nine month period is enough to fill two and a quarter million lids- enough for approximately 66 million joints. Customs agents stressed that their f i gures extended through April, and did not include the 10, 000 pound seizure pulled off in San Francisco Bay in Muy.