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For everyone who has a few of those green, weedy plants tliat grow wild and sometimes "with a little help from our friends", I would like to offer a suggestion for preparing the sacrament for inhalation. The following process was tested and approved by the Rainbow People's Party. . . When picking the plant do it at night cause the resins are in the stalks then and won't be brushed off in handling the plant. The plants should then be spread out somewhere so when the sun comes up in the morn the plants will be directly in the sunlight all day. Try to hang the plants upside down if possible, if not,make sure they are lying on a slope at the top of the plant pointing at the bottom at the slope. Wait until the plants have turned color, they will usually turn dark green and sometimes black. Then SMOKE IT! Ijust got done smoking some homegrown myself , second generation plants from Columbian seeds, and it sure is good for writing articles! POWER TO THE MARIJUANA GROWERS OF AMERIKA!