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Filmgoer's Boycott Called By Arm

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A PEOPLE'S BOYCOTT against the so-called Orson Welles Film series has been called by ARM, a commune of sisters and brothers who show films on campus. ARM charges that Arthur Maurello, the capitalist founder and first "president" of Orson Welles, is behind the eight-month series of attacks on at least five other people's organizations showing films on campus: ARM, the old Radical Film Series at Canterbury House, the Radical Independent Party, and the New University Conference, and the Tenants Union.

In addition to plain capitalist greed, the motive for these attacks, according to ARM, is Maurello's far Rightwing politics. He is a supporter of the so-called Young Americans for Freedom, the neo-fascist group that elected four candidates to the Student Government Council in the spring, running behind the "Student Caucus" front.

One of those elected, Brad Taylor, recently testified as a "friendly witness" before the infamous House Internal Security Committee, formerly HUAC, House UnAmerican Activities Committee. Taylor testified against the People's Peace Treaty movement, whose national conference in Ann Arbor last February he attended as a "journalist."

Maurello and the Orson Welles group have been under investigation by Student Government council since last spring, when a People's Peace Treaty benefit showing of THEY SHOOT HORSES, DON'T THEY? was cancelled because of Maurello's pressure with the film's distributor, and vandalism against the Natural Science Auditorium, where the film was to have been shown. Immediately after that, the Welles groups advertised THEY SHOOT HORSES, DON'T THEY? in their summer series.

Information linking Maurello with the attacks has been supplied to ARM and the SGC by several former employees of the Orson Welles series, including several freeks, who were ripped off for their pay by Maurello.

ARM has called for the release of the SGC investigation of the Orson Welles group, and demands - as conditions for ending the boycott. Orson Welles must sever all connections with Arthur Maurello and Ed Crossmore, the groups current president and Maurello's close associate; and a public statement in the Michigan Daily of those actions and their opposition to attacks on other groups by the Rightwing action group calling itself DisARM, which carried out the attacks.

SUPPORT THE BOYCOTT! DON'T GO TO ORSON WELLES MOVES in Auditorium "A" Thursday and Friday nights. All Power to an Aware and Active People!