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Enact Ecology Center

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ENACT Ecology Center

The ENACT Ecology Center was founded in Ann Arbor to meet the need for responsible environmental action and to provide continuing education on ecological issues. A primary goal of the Center is to provide a framework for continuing education on environmental issues and to supply accurate information and advice to all seeking it. The Center also serves as a meeting place for community organizations and a resource for other environmental groups. A small library, well-kept information files, and environmental education materials are available at the Center for public use. As part of a continuing education program on environmental problems, the Center has promoted the re-use of resources, a community organic garden, and alternative means of transportation to the automobile. The Ecology Center is looated at 417 Detroit St. and is open to the public 9 - 5 Monday through Saturday. Questions will be answered through the mail or by switchboard. (telephone 761-3186) The Center needs people to help with its many community services and we hope that you will spend some time with us.