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Small People's Victory

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Youth Liberation won a small victory on Sept. 20 when city council voted 6 to 5, to abolish the city curfew ordinance. The city law had made it illegal for people under 17 years of age to be on the streets or in public places between midnight and 6 a. m. without a parent or adult guardian.

Although city curfew has been abolished, the state law demands that people under twelve years old cannot be "idling, congregating, or loitering" after 10 p. m., and people between the ages of twelve and sixteen cannot be idling, congregating or loitering after midnight. The law is only a little better than the old city ordinance taking a year off the age limit, and people can still be busted under it. Youth Liberation is now working to abolish this and all other laws that discriminate against young people--if you'd like to help, contact us by calling 769-1442. We need help from people throughout the community to make this struggle successful.