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AU listlngs are for WTVS Channel 56 SUNDAYOct. 3 Firing Line, 'Is America Hospitable to the Negro? " Guest is Rev. Jesse Jackson, 8:00 pm. Philadelphia Folk Festival, Part One 10:00 pm. MONDAYOct. 4 Firing Line, run of Oct. 3 TUESDAYOct. 5 A Woman's Place. Barbara Rush discusses abortion suit against the State of Michigan. 2:00 pm. Philadelphia Folk Festival, re-run of Oct. 3, 7:30 pm. Advocates, "Should the Government Drop Charges Against Dr. Daniel Ellsberg?" 10:00 pm. WEDNESDAYOct 6 The Great American Dream Machine 9:00 pm. FRIDAYOct. 8 The Great American Dream Machine re-run of Oct. 6, 8:30 pm. SUNDAY Oct. 10 Philadelphia Folk Festival Part Two 10:00 pm. TUESDAYOct. 12 A Woman's Place, Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Chodorkoff discuss the Freudian view of woman, 2:00 pm. WEDNESDAYOct. 13 The Great American Dream Machine 9:00 pm. lOIOETROIT