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John Sinclair Freedom Fund: My wife and I have both been recent ( Jan, 1971 ) vlctoms of the harsh Michigan marijuana laws. I received 2 years probation and $250 fine for possession and she 2 years probation and $150 fine for use. Our total cost with attorney fees, bail fines, lost work, etc. has total ed $5000. There have also been numerous other costa; as editor of the UAW Local 488 newspaper I was forced to resign by strong right-wing elements ( John Birch Society ), we have been characterized as dope addicts and the head of a teenage ring by the newspapers, and the felony conviction is also on my credit rating. ( Big Deal ! ) It's ironie that for 39 years I have been ao. exemplary citizen, taxpayer, homeowner, parent, no arrests or traffic violaüons, 14 years with Fisher Body, Editor of two UAW newspapers, veteran ot the Korean War and now overnight lama convicted felon, hardened criminal and "drug" addict. From the above you can see we are in compiete sympathy with John Sinclair and I am sorry I cannot send more at this time. Good Luck Lonnie & Carolyn Kuntzman Brothers & Sisters: I just read that only 17% of the 1821 year olds now elegiable to vote are registering. This is power to the people, so why aren 't we using it. So I went out and asked some PEOPLE. They told me that registering wasn't worth the effort because everyone running stands for the same ol shit. THIS IS WRONG ! The two major parties ( Democrats and Republicans ) are full of shit, but there are several altérnate parties with which we of the altérnate culture share many ideas with. Several believe in complete and immedlate withdrawl from Vietnam, giving the factories, etc. , back to the workers to run, abolishing the capital ( money ) system ( think of that; free dope, food, everything), ending the draft, etc. In college communities like Ann Arbor and other places where large numbers of young people live, we could change the elections' outcome by uniting behind one of these parties and working on the streets to get others with the party. With a serious effort we could win at least local ( maybe state ) elections. Thinking ahead, one of the altérnate parties is running Bomeone under 30 in '72" for president! Altérnate Poliücal Parttes for an Altérnate Culture ! Power to the People ! Brother Chris Vaughn Brothers & Sisters. The work that you good people are doing to get hard drugs off of our streets is really far out, power to you! I'm being held prisoner in maximum security in the Kent County Jaü, In Grand Rapids, for the alleged crime of lllegal sale of narcotics. I have been here for the last six months. IVe seen alot of my people get convicted on bogus sales charges, so when I was offered a cop to possesslon, I was forced to take It. The town of Grand Rapids is infested with pólice agent snakes, lying pigs, hand picked jurors and a rights violating Grand Jury. At the Ome of my arrest, I was addicted to the death drug heroin. My plight would have been alot worse if I had contlnued to shoot that poison into my arm. In the last six months I've been dolng alot of thinking. When I look back I realize how much of a fooi I was for messing my life up. Before I started doing heroin, I had plenty of good people, we got high, parüed and we got it on alright. Being strung out, I had to obtain enormous amounts of bread to support my deadly habit. The only way to keep from getting sick was to rip off. I always found some way to justtfy my ripping off, but before long I was stealing any thing I could pawn or trade for heroin. I became selfish, and I valued my dafly shot more than people and friendship. I even messed over my own Üy. Needless to say, before long I lost my friends and even my wife got sick of living with a junky, so along with my son, she spilt. Heroin has all but rulned my llfe, but I am stül young and now tfaat I'm hip to what drug addlctlon is all about, I have a chance to do something with my llfe. I know that 111 be golng to prison, when the time comes for me to hit the streets, I hope to be together. I'm going to do all I can to bring the people of Grand Raplds together and 111 do my damned best to see that my brothers and sisters don 't get into the heil of heroin. Power to you! Polittcal Prisoner Sisters and Brothers, The YowngXords Party is In an economie crisis. We would greafly appreciate your organization reprintlng tais article, in an atmosphere of comradeship. When the Young Lords Party speaks of the evils of oapitalism, we speak from experience. WeVe seen our mothers and fathers become slaves right before our eyes. We see garbage, rats, pólice brutality being commlted against our people because they stay in the streets in order to survive. And now, we know even better. We have to keep the party running well with even less money. We feel that if our work is good, If it's correct, if it's what our people want, then the people support the party. Not only by coming out to demonstraüons, but also economically. Without our people, we would not be in eodstence. Take Palante, our newspaper, for example. It has been printed consistenüy every two weeks for a year. It has color, clear pictures, and articles that cannot be found elsewhere. We feel that what Palante says is important. It edúcales our people and has news from our communities and throughout tiie world. Now we have to hold back on prlnüng Palante, We need $3000 in order to pay the printer. We also have other economie problems. These are the same ones we all encounter, such as rent, light, food, and clothing. People teil us, "go to work", well, we are. But due to the economie unrest thls country is In, the pay is just enough for those persons to support tfaemselves and their families. We understand that our people are poor. But there are ways you can help. These are a few: 1 ) Buy and sell Palante 2 ) Get office supplies for us 3 ) Be on the look out for jobs for lords 4) Dónate machinery, food, clothes mimeograph paper, etc. 5) Dónate 25L, $1.00, $5.00, whafcever you can. To be able to continue our struggle, we ask everyone to help us any way you can. Hemember, we are struggling for all of us. Any help to the party is help to all our poor people. QUE VIVA PUERTO RICO LIBRE YOUNG LORDS PARTY 202 E. I7th STREET NEW YORK, NY 10035 tfP EN Ml U,„ & CORAZOMo