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Joan Baez & David Harris

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David Harris, a nationally prominent leader of non-violent revolution spoke at Hill Aud. last Sunday afternoon, Oct. 25. Harris's speech dealt with the struggle in Southeast Asia and American society. He claimed that American emphasis on economic benefits, government institutions that own and manipulate people, and the destructive world wide extension on the U. S. power are prime faults the people will have to analyze and resolve. Harris urged the audience to work for a new social base, and that we must build an alter native. He said the "coming revolution must extend to all people, even the guards at the Texas penitentiary (where Harris was jailed for ten months for draft resistance), "to pit victim against victim is not revolution. We must struggle to build self determination for all the people. " The night before Harris spoke, Joan Baez sang at the Chrysler Arena for Bangladesh, Bob Dylan and her son Gabriel . Joan spoke on several current issues among which was a statement for John Sinclair's freedom and U of M's anti-war homecoming half-time. They will be continuing their tour of college campuses spreading the word.