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Mitchell Wants You!

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GEARHAKT, Ore. (LNS) Attomey General John Mitchell, speaking bef ore the Oregon State Bar Associaüon, characterized activist lawyers, and the judges that agree with them, as a "spectacle" whose efforts may cause a "reversion to som e form of government other than democracy. " He singled out movement lawyer William Kunstier in particular in his speech, saying that lawyers attempting to effect social change in this country through the courts, which s" 5 "to be a sophisticated exploitation of the machinery of government, " would in reality, "turn the clock back hundreds of years to a day when the law was what the king said it was. " Mitchell made his remarks in referring to the recent dedication of the Georgetown University Law Center in Washington by Chief Justice Warren Burger. Law students at the university in charge of setting up the dedication exercises orginally invited Kunstier to speak at the proceedingte. When the trustees of the insütuüon found out about the students' planned speaker, they took over the convocation planning, and invited Burger in his stead. The law student organizers, enraged by what they termed duplicity by the trustees, organized a counter-convocation, which took place in the street outside the new law center. A larger crowd attended Kunsüer's speech than Burger 's which was highligated by a small walkout.