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The Ann Arbor Tribal Council is presently engaged n a voter registration drive. We wish to make it clear at this time that we feel that electoral politics is not the only means to our eventual goal of SELF DETERMINATION OF OUR LIVES, OUR COMMUIMITIES, OUR PLANET! Our analysis shows that, among other things, an electoral campaign can highlight and exposé the deficiencies and exploitativeness of our community's elected officials. An electoral campaign can politically edúcate people about the nature of the local corporate power structure and how it undemocratically exerts its influence over our daily lives. Further, we feel that by having some of our people in elected of fices we may be able to limit the degree of repression and oppression and thereby preserve out political and cultural institutions. In this process we broaden the political consciousness of our people. Finally, the rulers of our community state that they support many of our goals, and we would like to give them an opportunity to put their preachings into practice. We can, through electoral procedures, force and confront the issues of community control of educational, medical, pólice and prison facilities. In summary, we are revolutionaries who will use any effective means to achieve our goal of self-determination, including electoral politics. Therefore, we urge everyone to register to vote, to enable them to make their politics feit! All Power to the People! -Ann Arbor Tribal Council (Voter Registration ends March 3rd for the April 3rd City Council Elections. If you want to vote then, you have to register by March 3rd. You can register at City Hall, and also at the [Washington St.] Community Center-Ask for Walden.) The power of all of us together as n this picture of the Dec. 10 JS Freedom Rally had direct results in our community! So can the April 3 City Council Elections! USE the POWER!