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HASH 0!L AND MARIJUANA EXTRACTS By Michael R. Aldrich Co Director of AMORPHIA, The Cannabis Cooperative (RNS) - Marijuana extracts, used in Western medicine since. 1839, are the wave of the future in the psychedelic underground. When scientists in the 1960's succeeded in synthesizing THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) , underground chemists tried to produce it for the mass market, but the attempt failed because THC synthesis is extremely costly ($15 a dose). Unscrupulous dealers sold the animal tranquilizer PCP as "THC" or ripped 9ff high prices for low-grade acid labelled "THC." Now for the first time, organic extractions of marijuana and hashish with incredibly high THC content are slowly becoming available. The first to appear, in the late 1970, was "THE ONE" manufactured by a group calling itself "The Cosmic TravelIer." Prescription vials containing 5 or 6 grams sold for $135 up, complete with two small pyrex One Pipes and a xerox blurb of smoking instructions. The gritty, oily, dark chocolateodiferous goo was identif ied as "a pure, organic resin-THC extract of marijuana stabilized to optimum smoking consistency with pure ground super grass." Analysis revealed that it was probably an alcohol extraction of high-quality Mexican weed, and it bioassayed at 13% THC. For comparison, average marijuana runs a little over 1% THC; killer weed from Asia rarely exceeds 4%; and f resh hashish usually runs between 8% and 15% THC. At the NIMH pot farm in Mississippi, bracts (leaves around top flowers) occasionally test at 11%, but the dope used in government research projects is only 2% THC, and most subjects say it's the strongest weed they've ever smoked. "SON OF ONE" came out around September, 1971, a 5-gram vial going for $125 up, complete with a slightly larger One Pipe. Sources claimed it was made from Afghani primo, mixed with powdered Mexican grass, and it smelled camphorated or mentholated, in addition to the deep hash-f lower pugency shared by all these substances. It was less potent than the original ONE, but t got you off well. "BLACK OIL" appeared on the West Coast in late December, 1971, a thin black runny fluid made from marijuana but not mixed with powdered weed. Evidently some of the alcohol was left n t to thin it out, making it the closest thing to a real tincture of all these preparations. It also had the sharp, cutting scent of ether, ndication probably a doublé alcoholether extraction: one or two whiffs over the vial would dry and clear the nose for several minutes. It smoked rather harshly and left a bitter taste in the mouth, but was as potent as anybody's Gold. The highest-quality extract was "HASH OIL," also called "RED OIL" in honor of the preparations made in the 1940's by Dr. Roger Adams from wild Minnesota hemp. It appeared in mid-1971, tawny amber-colored like honey, so thick that a cutting agent such as pine oil may have been used: Sources said t was ether-extracted from Lebanese hash, and fractional distillation may have been used to separate the active THC somers from the 40-odd ether cannabinoids found n the plant, lts boiling point was very low, and like all extracts, t had to be stored n a cold dark place. A single gram of HASH OIL retailed for about $50, with an ounce costing dealers $750. Experienced smokers estimated the THC content at about 20 percent! Each of these extracts can be eaten, but only by persons quite experienced in hash-eating: the risk of overdose is great. The key to successful smoking is to draw much, much more slowly that usual, and to take in less than you think you need. Because the extracts are so volitale, flame must not be applied directly to them. Instead, they must be vaporized nside the bowl of a special ONE PIPE (see illustration), with the flame held under the bowl rather than over t. Handblown pyrex One Pipes were available from most extract dealers, and before long they will probably appear in selected head shops. Two other pieces of special equipment are best to use, but not absolutely necessary: a metal tong (or straightened paper clip) with a flat end spatula about a third the size of a coke spoon, to transfer the extract from the vial into the pipe; and an alcohol burner, preferable to matches or a candle flame because the latter carbon-f ilm the bottom of the Pipe. The One Pipe may be held directly in an alcohol-lamp flame, but must be held at least a quarter-inch above an ordinary flame or the blackened pipe will be difficult to use. The smoking process itself is quite different from toking a joint or a hashpipe. Using the swab, smear a bit of the oil or extract on the inside of the bowl. You can leave the tong in the bowl during smoking if you like- it's easier. Hold the pipe in the hot blue top of the flame, letting the substance "cook" a few seconds, till you hear it "crackle" and see wisps of vapor begin to curl up from it. Oils liquify, then vaporize. At that moment, having exhaled completely, puff out your cheeks and place your mouth on the pipestem, leaving the bowl in the flame. Instead of inhaling, simply suck your cheeks together gently. This will draw the vapor up the stem into your mouth, at which point you inhale very slowly, tak ing in no more than half a toke. If you take too much, or inhale too quickly, you'll cough really badly for several minutes. You'll cough a little anyway, but being careful will minimize it; and you should start to feel the effects almost immediately. Experienced HASH OIL smokers say it is the clearest high obtainable, getting you superbly stoned without the depressing heaviness of killer weed or hash. Two good hits get you stoned; three hits are optimal for about an hour's clear high. Four hits are too heavy for most smokers, and if you take five you'll probably spin out. Stay high and think righteous. Copyright (c) Michael R. Aldrich, 1972 This column is brought to you by Acapulco Gold rolling papers, from which all AMORPHIA's profits go toward legali. zation of marijuana.