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creative arts grows!

The response to the workshops has been really good--we've gotten support from many sources, not to mention how killer t is that all our people are getting together and growing!

The Writers' Workshop has met several times already, a lot of deas have been exchanged, and t looks like there's a lot of energy there (as there is in all the workshops we've held!). One of the things Workshop will be getting into, in addition to open poetry readings every Sunday, is helping to put out a Communications Newsletter. Included in the Newsletter will be our own poet-

ry and writings, photography, and other art, n the form of a broadside poster. The first issue will be n the stores and on the streets soon-- watch for it! Also, any money that is made on it will go back into the Workshop so that we can be self-sufficient.

The Media Workshop (which is focusing on radio right now, but hopefully will get into TV also) has gotten a lot of really positive response from many people, both those who are already in the media and those who have wanted for a long time to get together some people's community radio. We have immediate plans of getting

together short tapes on sisters, and on the up coming Ann Arbor City Council elections--and we have been assured of having some time on radio stations as soon as we can get the tapes together!

One new workshop will be starting on Tuesday, March 28, at 7 pm--Photography. A professional photographer and color printer (Brian Howard) will be the workshop leader-bring your knowledge (or lack of it!) and help each other grow!

One thing that l've been noticing is the fact that a large majority of people who have come to the workshops have had prior experience in the area, to one degree or another. That's farout, because we can help each other all the more that way--but l'm afraid that people who have never tried something before are hesitant to get involved for some reason. Don't be afraid to make that first step, even if you have always considered yourself "non-artistic" or "non-creative", because every single one of you has creativity inside you! All t takes is being turned on to this creativity, and finding out what direction you want to take, whether it be leather-working, putting together radio shows, writing, or painting! Know yourself!

Here is the new, revised schedule:

Saturday, 4 pm--Media Workshop

Monday, 7 pm--Open Poetry Readings (Writer's WorkShop

Tuesday, 12 noon--Jewelry and Copper Enameling Workshop

Tuesday, 7 pm--Photography Workshop (first meeting on March 28th)

Wednesday, 7 pm--Drawing and Painting Workshop

Thursday, 12 noon--Leather Workshop

Thursday, 3 pm--Yarn and Material Crafts Workshop

Thursday, 7 pm--Writers' Workshop

All of these workshops will be held in the temporary studio that has been set up in the basement of the Community Center at 502 E. Washington Street. If you have any questions or suggestions, and especially if you have any spare supplies, feel free to cali Robin or me at 663-6746 or 761-4532 (Drug Help), and leave a message if we aren't there. Don't forget about the Creative Arts Workshop meetings at 5:30 every single Thursday!!!



-Walden Simper

Creative Arts Workshop