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FUCK THE GAMES. No more games, no more hiding the dope in the coffee can, or in the drawer under the underwear. No more putting your dope in your crotch to go over to your girl's house. No more. No more. It's time to bring dope out in the open, no more musty cellars or sacred rooftops. SMOKE DOPE EVERYWHERE. In your car, at the ball game, at parties, dope is harmless, happy, holy weed, treat it as such, smoke it on the street, at the beach, offer the milkman some send some to the prez. Smoke it, give it away, make brownies with it. Make statements to your parents, to the press, to cops, to your teachers, tell your friends. Like the school principal who has been smoking dope for 18 years, make a statement. Tell all who will listen, those who won't listen will soon die, most of them are dead already but they refuse to leave the planet, help them, help them leave the planet. We are free people, demand to be treated as such. Demand to smoke dope anytime, anyplace. Dope is Great, it's fun it's healthy, smoke dope outside, give the smoke to the birds and the squirrels and dogs and to everyone fill the air with the beautiful smoke, until every creature is stoned. Get every creature so stoned they can't stand the plastic shit of American culture, until they can't stand the ugly cities, until Detroit becomes a Great Swamp with people swimming n its pools and children playing on its tiny islands. Get the peoples of the universe so stoned they push the city of New York into the sea, so future generations can swim down and investigate this strange museum where past civilizations lived. And Los Angeles will disintegrate into a plastic desert. Smoke dope NOW so your children can, and your children's children. DEMAND to smoke dope NOW and demand to have the dope laws abolished so that those that fear the law can know the pleasures of grass. Smoke dope, it's your duty to future generations, turn the world on, it's your duty to the universe.