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Evict Nixon In '72

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Evict Nixon In '72

The 1972 Presidential Election is 9 months away, but already there have been two Presidential primaries, one in New Hampshire and the other in Georgia. Results from these first two indications of what's on the minds of the American people show that they are fed up through and through with the course this country is taking, and are looking for big changes and a way out of the madness that affects ALL of us.

Before the New Hampshire (Democratic Primary the pollsters were predicting that George McGovern, who, along with Congresswoman Shirley Chisolm, has been taking positions that are the closest to reality of all the Presidential contenders, would receive less than 20 percent of the total New Hampshire vote. The same poll-takers concluded that old dead-face Edmund Muskie of Maine would come out with "well over" 50 percent. But after tallying the results McGovern received a substantial 37 percent, with Muskie receiving 48.

The recent Georgia primary was held to pick delegates to the Democratic Convention, with 80 percent of the elected delegates left uncommitted. Of the remaining 20 percent, five ended up committed to Shirley Chisholm, four to McGovern, and one for Wilbur Mills. Muskie failed to receive any delegate support whatsoever.

So the possibility of electing a President to office who stands against the vicious government of Richard M. Nixon and the corporate interests he fronts for looks better than ever. With the collective power of outraged people all across the nation linked up with a solidly together, organized youth vote we can EVICT NIXON IN 72! There's a Presidential primary coming up in Michigan on May 16, so if you're 18 and haven't registered to vote yet the time to do it is NOW!