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VOTE HUMAN! MONDAY, APRIL 3 FLASH! Music! People's Concert, April 1 at HMI Auditorium! Detroit featuring Mitch Ryder, Spencer Davis, Wildemess Road, Guardian Angel! Speaker: John Sinclair! Fund Raiser for the Ann Arbor People's Campaign. $2.00 General Admission. See ya there! FLASH! Mark's Coffeehouse ís sponsoring a chess tournament April 7, 8, & 9th. The tournament will be held at the First Congregational Church, right across the street from Marks, and all proceeds will go to the Ann Arbor Free People's Clinic. Entry fee is $12 and there is a guaranteed $100 first prize. Many of the $10 Registration fees that new contestants must pay are being paid by local businesses. Also participating in the tournament will be the CarnegieMellon chess playing computer. Registration will take place Friday, 6:30-7:30. Altérnate registration is Saturday, 9:00-9:30. Your move to help the Free People's Clinic!, FLASH! BE IN ANN ARBOR APRIL 2! Bringyourself, your sisters & brothers, your dogs, your kids, your jams and your good times! Human Be In Ann Arbor! FLASH! Sisters! Come to St. Andrews Chruch at 306 North División on Saturday, April 8 starting 8pm. We plan to dance, sing & general I y have a good time! FLASH! Brothers and sisters beware! The street variety of the killer drug Qualud is causing many of our people to go into respiratory arrests or OD. It sells for 504 to 754 a cap. The dosage cannot be determined as the caps are poorly packed. These caps, some are darvon caps, some regular medicine caps contain a white powder which . tains PCP, barbs, phenobarbitals with littte or no Qualud. Peaking comes 20-25 minutes after you swallow the poison and this is the most critical time. If you see someone ODing on this drug try to keep them awake usually slapping them will do it and have someone cali Drug Help at 761 -Help! Death to the Death Culture! Life to the Life Culture! FLASH! Thanks to the brother in Jackson Prison who donated $10 to the Artist's Workshop! A2 Tribal Council. FLASH! Recycle the Ann Arbor SUN! Pass it on to your sisters and brothers! FLASH! Sunrise Communal Farms needs help! Their newly opened store on Washington St. burnt recently with almost nothing left undamaged! They need materials to rebuild! Any spare high temp. gas burners, einder blocks, morter, nsualtion, lumber, nails, plywood, window screens, saws, light fixtures, copper tubing, ventilation fans, building tools, fire proofing, f iré extinguishers, transportaron and most of all people, will help. Meanwhile people who can give food, clothes or any basic survival things can also help! Cali Ann Hoover at 761-1709 and leave a message. FLASH! Election Boogie, April 2, Union Baltroom! Teagarden & Van Winkle, 8th Day, the mighty Up and Silver Yank Rock & Roll Election Boogie and Tribal Stomp Down! $2.00 admission. Boogie to the polls April 3! Vote Human! FLASH! VOTE HUMAN! MONDAY, APRIL 3