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Ho use er ving F over spilW Cream-rmí jP # W - i g-' _m - r ,. second mstollment m a live musical documentary of a É ; '■' . J ! 0, „ group whose sound shook the sixties and helped shape Hl í0 jjfÈ v _ a our musical consaousness A Hp I K% Cream Ene Clopton, Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce, A k m perform extended 1 1 ve versionsof some of their more fl KhMl nl pt 'omousshorter tracks I ike "Sunshineof Your Love!' ■ Fk C-P i-r "WhiteRoomi' "Tales of Brove Ulysses!' and "Fblitician" B 3SDBnP as we" as neverDe'ore heard 1 3 minute guitar solo by W 'vZ Captured forever, the overwhelmmg power and íl m Wfy virtuoso musiaanship that made Cream the spiritual ES'JJ Br I 1 fathers of the mid-sixties rock explosión J ftk k tB B "LiveCreom Volume II" On Ateo Records and Tapes 1 m m-k w!r rTffi