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The TRIBAL NETWORK needs your help to make it work. The network will inctude a complete listing of events, meetings, and services in the community. We need people to opérate phones and to work on the files. So, if you would like to help your brothers and sisters, cali Linda at 662-0310 or leave a message at the Community Center project office. HASH! Some bogus rip-off elements are still on the loose in our community. A brother just had 2 red cases containing J.B.L. horns rippedoff. The cases have ALICE COOPER stenciled on the sides and should be easily recognízable. Also a number of microphones were ripped-off including 6 Shure SM5 8 miKes. ir you snouia see any ot mis equipment, please cali Hiawatha at 761-1709. Musicians need this equipment so they can kick out the jams this spring for all of us. There is a reward, too. Please help. FLASH! WEED FREEKS! This is your chance to talk to other weed smokers f rom all over the state. Sign up for a phone shift at the Michigan Marijuana Initiative office at 304 S. Thayer St. or cali 668-7206. Detroiters can help f ree weed by working at the Initiative office at the Birmingham Plum Pit on Woodward. Want to take us all higher! Take a step, do a shift to help f ree weed! FLASH! If you can dig dirty hands, manure, straw, worms, growing and flowing Mfe, and need a spot to grow food on, we have a 20' by 120' garden plot fully mulched and growing some organic goodies already. We need people to help with future planting and harvesting. We can also use grass clippings, saw dust and a more organic plan to undermine A&P. The earth belongs to the people and the people should use it. Come to 1520 Hill St. and leave a message for Terry Ray. FLASH! Summer's here and it's time for dancin'! Where? The Ann Arbor Summer Free Concert series is due to start the second week in June. Due to the remodeling of Diana Oughton Memorial Park we will be using the site next to Huron High this summer. We need brothers and sisters to help rake and clean the whole área and lend a hand fixing the stage. We'll be going out to the site Sunday at 2:00 to work on cleaning up Want to help kick out the summer? Come to Huron High this Sunday at 2:00. FREE MUSICÜ! FLASH' The Psychedelic Rangers are organizing for the summer. We will be working with the Summer Parks Program to keep the park a high place to be. Sisters and brothers who are Rangers will be doing security (in the parking lots, around the stage and with the people) helping With bogus drug control, first aid and bucket drives. Psychedelic Rangers meetings are happening on Sundays at 1 1 :00 am at the People's Ballroom in the Community Center. Serve the People! FLASH! The Women's Community School will be starting the 2nd week in June. We need women who want to teach almost anything. If you are into passing on your sk lis and knowledge cali the Women's Advocate's Office at 763-4186 and let us know who you are, what you want to teach and leave your phone number. FLASH! The Rainbow People's Party need bicycles (new, used or in repairable shape) so we can take care of business around town. We ar in the process of fixing up, painting up, moving, reland scaping and reorganizing both the inside and outside of our houses. We can use any spare paint, rugs, tapestries, posters office furniture, desks, file cabinets, bulletin boards, dining room chairs, and road fill dirt (to fill the holes in our drive way.) If you can offer any of these things (or things you can think of we could use) drop them by 1520 Hill St. or cali Kathy at 761-1709. We're going throuqh those changes. FLASH! MUSIC SWITCHBOARD s n its organizing stages and is looking for positive energy to design a Communications center, i.e. files and time. Hopefully its function will be to keep the Communications going between all people and bands who are into playing the music. Meetings are at 7:00 pm Wednesdays, 721 S. Forest Alice. FLASH! The radio stations have not been supporting the Michigan Marijuana Initiative because they are fearful that their listeners don't want them to. Cali them up and teil them how you feel about the Initiative. The phone numbers are in the Tune-in. FLASH.' Dig this! Election Day workers and Michigan Marijuana Initiative petition circulators need to work at the polls on June 12.' So, truck on down to the Initiative Office at 304 S. Thayer, piek up a few petitions, take them over to the polls and vote Human at the School Board Election this June 12th. Dig Yourself ! FLASH! The Free University is now organizing for the summer and spring. Those interested in workingon any área should cali Bob Redmond at 761-6653 days and evenings or 763-6834 mornings and nights. Please leave message i f not in.