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Summer City also announces FREE ROCK & ROOL at People's Plaza every Wednesday noon to one! There'll be music everywhere! Cali 663-6746 for info. FLASH! The Free U has scheduled a mass meeting and registration on the Diag, at noon or so on June 24. All ideas & energy welcome... cali 763-6834 for more info. FLASH! This sister lost or someone stole hei cloth Indian handbag at the first free park concert this year. It has her identification, wallet etc. in it but it also has many small items of personal sentimental valué, so she really needs t back. Did you find a cloth bag with a Gold Morrocan wallet in it? If you did contact Connie Hewitt 1115 S. Forest or cali 769-1429. HASH! SUMMER CITY-Monday, Wednesday and Friday! Everyone f rom Summer City invites you to come tripping with them on the Blue Bus, swimming, canoeing, zoo, organic gardening and learning about da system. Cali 663-6746 or stop by the People's Community Center at 502 E. Washington. FLASH! THE ARK at 1421 Hill St. is having free Hoots and Hollers every Wednesday nights. Need to put sorne lung exercise nto your week nights? TrytheArk! Free cof fee and snacks also supplied. FLASH! MEET THE SUN! Come to a Commumty SUN meeting the Wednesday after this issue comes out. (That will be June 28.) Bring righteous criticisms, ideas and tokes. We'll be meeting at the Rainbow House, 1520 Hill St. until our space at the Community Center is together! FLASH! An Earth's People's Park is getting it together in this area and will include a community organic farm. Everyone interested stop by the Diag and join in the pow-wow at high noon on Saturday, June 24. Let it . Grow! Cali 763-6834 for information. TLASH! Parapsychology Workshop! Want to check out the other side. We'll break on through. Workshops are held every Monday night at 7:30 at 502 E. Washington. HASH! CRAFTS! Join n the good times at 502 E. Washington every Tuesday and Thursday nights with candle making, leather crafts, yoga, astrology and more! Making it ourselves! fLASft! MUSIC SWITCHBOARD! Meetings Tuesday at6pm. 827 McKinley NEEDS: SPACE FOR OUR TELEPHONE until Nov. I. Can negotiate. MUSICIANS MUSICAIAN! MUSICIANS! MUSICIANS! MUSICIAN! Need a bass player? Need a drummer? Need anything? Need a group? Music switchboard can help you. Either say it or play it! !!!!!!! ftêsm There will be swinging, swaying and dancing! The people need the music! We need the People's Ballroom open and getting us higher all the time! We need skilied and unskilled sisters and brothers who want to put energy into sanding, painting, insulating and putting dowrí a hardwood f loor. Come to 502 E. Washington. Weekdays between 10-12 and 1-5 pm and help make some sweet music! FLASH! The Creative Arts Workshop wants your energy! We'll be meeting every Thursday at 5:30, 502 E. Washington. Know how to silk screen, work with leather, ceramics. The seeds for this nroject are there, we need you, the people's support. Come Thursday at 5:30! nAsm Food at drawing straight lines, proofreading, or any of the many interesting things you can do to help layout the Sun! Would you like to learn how to prestype, waxing or do corrections. The Ann Arbor Sun invites all brothers and sisters interested in work ing on the Sun to come to a get next to the Sun meeting Tuesday July 4th at 3:00 pm. Cali Kathy at 761-1709 for more information FLASH! The Michigan Caétee TV Corp., which is currently putting down the cable that will enable most Ann Arborites to plug into what promises to be a dynamic, exciting and relevant community service (our own televisión shows!) is holding a meeting with the community next Tuesday, June 27. People who have suggestions for the kind of programming they'd like to see go on the cable are urged to come to the downtown YMCA on Tuesday starting at 8 p.m. Help make people's TV a reality! "You're Under Arrest"