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As you read this, there are only about 3 weeks until the petitions have to be filed in the Secretary of State's office-and less than 2 weeks until the July 1st deadline that we have set for people to return the petitions to the central office here in Ann Albor. That's not a lot of time-if this is going to be a successful people's effort, we are going to need the support of all weed smokers in Mich., everyone who has smoked marijuana and doesn't feel that people should be jailed for smoking t. It's important to remember that this is a PEOPLE'S effort-we're just freaks like you who decided to organize behind a basic issue, that of getting marijuana decriminalized, and we need the people's support. By not circulating the petition or helping MMI in other ways, you are supporting the existing laws- by your maction, you are backing a policy of jailing people who smoke marijuana! That may sound a little heavy, but it's true-l mean, if half the weed smokers in Mich. got just a few signatures each, we would have it made! Now, at this point we are quite far away from " our goal, so I can safely say that a small percentage of smokers here are getting ' volved. Everyone ha$ to realize the difference between acting.and getting involved, and naction- and everyone has to realize that how they act will affect the outcome in this situation! So, get out there and get some signatures, and get your petitions n as soon as they're f lied! Remember if we turn in 265,000 signatures to the Secretary of State's office on July 10th, it will go on the ballot in November, so the people can decide! To help draw people into this people's effort, and to genérate interest in MMI across the state, MMI is declaring June 24 to July 1 as "Weed Week". During this 8 day week, Rock and Roll Free Marijuana Rallies will be held all over the state, and all MMI backers (which should include every person who smokes weed) are urged to go out and get as many signatures as possible. This week of activities will culminate in J-Day, on July Ist. This is the deadline that we have set for petitions to be returned to the central office, so we can go over the petitions. (NOTE: Don't stop petitioning on the first, though, continue as long as possible just as long as the petitions are back to us BEFORE THE TENTHÜ!) Everyone should be aware of the fact that now, during Weed Week, there are only a few weeks to go until the final deadline, and act accordingly-WORK HARD!! During Weed Week, several means of obtaining signatures will be highlighted: 1) MMI RALL IES will be held across the state. Contact the area office that is closest to y ou (or the central headquarters, (313) 668-7206) to find out how you can ' help with events. 2) GO WHERE THE PEOPLE ARE!! Shopping centers: Get a booth or a table at shopping een ters. Area offices or contact people should coordínate most of these efforts so we don't duplícate our efforts. First, get permission (written!) f rom the centers so you don't get kicked out. They will probably give you permission f you ask enough in advance. After you get the O.K., be sure to sta f f the table and have plenty of bumperstickers, buttons, t-shirts, pins, posters, Suns, etc- after all, people go to shopping centers for one resaon-to buy. And we still are in tii pratty poor financia! shape ($500 phone bil!). Door-to-door: This is a killer way to get signatures, especial ly in housing projects and apartment buildings. This way you get a chance to rap to people and explain why you think that this issue should be on the ballot. You can answer any questions that they might have, too. Go to events: Go to any event that people wil go to- baseball games, picnics, movie Unes, concerts,-anything-as long as there are people, there are people who wil sign! (Again, emphasize "Let the people decide!") Get in touch with us now to find out what you can do during Weed Week to help the Michigan Marijuana Initiative be successful. We've been following our own advice, going to where the people are. Thursday, June 8, over 50 MMI supporters met on the Capitol's steps n Lansing and preceeded to visit every state legislator's office, and attempted to ask every one to sign the petition and support this people's initiative. Now, we started out with really high hopes of getting those people to take a stand against jailing people for smoking a harmless herb, but found that of the 1 38 legislators, about 7 or 8 had already signed t, and the rest were against if for political rea sons (usually) or because they weren't educated on the subject enough and thought that the present penalties had been a great victory for weed smokers. Three months instead of 10 years??? Governor Milliken refused to sign also, saying that he wasn't in favor of legalization of marijuana, and that the present laws are just fine. By not signing, he is also saying that the people shouldn't be able to vote. Governor Milliken, you are saying that you want me and a million other people in this state to be put in jail-now just where's that at, guv?? The weekend of the 10th MMI supporters went to the Democrat State Convention at Cobo Hall, and gathered over 600 signatures from delegates, including the State Attorney General, Frank Kelley. For obvious political reasons (he is running for senator this year) the day after he signed t he informed the media that "It doesn't mean I endorse marijuana. I do endorse people's right to have a vote. I think it's a good way to decide this question and let the people vote on it. I think the best way to bury it (legalizing pot) is to have a vote, l'll vote against." Frank Kelley in a speech at U. of M. last September said that a penality for marijuana should be removed from judicial processes altogether. Where do you stand? It's election year again folks! Back to Weed Week-we will be having MMI concertrallies all over the state. Contact your closest area office (a list follows) for more info on these events, and on other events that are in the planning stages right now. We want as many events as possible all over the state during weed week, so f there isn't an event planned in your rea, check out all the possible sites, and see f you can get one- then give us a cali at the central hdqtrs., (313) 668-7206 and we'll help get bands and speakers. MMI events have been planned in the following cities for Weed Week: June 25Brighton: with Bad Luck & Trouble Blues Band; June 25-Escanaba, Ludington Park (4-8 pm): with Justice Myles, Brothers Unlimited, and Dennis Leary; Oakland Community College, Orchard Ridge Campus (off I-696), 6 hours(12-6)y4 with R.P.M., Iron Horse Exchange, Guardian Angel, Mixed Generation; Lansing. Behing the Kresge Art Center on Farm Lane f rom 1-5% with speaker Zolton Ferency, and Severe Hands, Sonora, and the MIGHTY UP! Remember, get every petition that has even one signature on t in by July 1st. Don't stop petitioning, start new petitions, and continue to petition as long as you can, just as long as they are back to us before the 10thü STAY HIGH!! PLANT THOSE SEEDS AND LET IT GROWÜ Walden Simper, MMI co-ordinator ÁREA OFFICES BIRMINGHAM: The Plum Pit, 645-2446 DETROIT: cali the Plum Pit or Fifth Estáte 831-6800 BATTLE CREEK: Mike Garfield, 963-3716 BENTON HARBOR: Jerry Snyder, 925-6142 DEARBORN: Alex Longridge, 563-0715 E AST LAIMSING: 355-8266, ext. 40 ESCANABA: Tom Beauvais, 786-7654 F LINT: Touch Boutique, Off the Wall Records 767-1223 GRAND RAPIDS: Michael Shay, 456-8441 (eve.) KALAMAZOO: Jack Adams, Ann Rays 349-8329 LANSING: Janice Schuch, 393-8667 MIDLAND: Candi Lincoln 835-6769 SAGINAW: The House, 752-5908 WARREN: Bob Lush, 779-7464 WALLED LAKE: Michael Hamm, 363-9852 WYANDOTTE: Bill McMath, 283-6768; Larry Montry, 282-8080 ONLV[ÍOOAVS LSFTlf UJE STILL HAVE A CHANCE , BUT, CJE NEED THE HELP OF MMI DECLARES WEED WEEK!