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Hrp Demands Police Investigation

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As part of a continuing Human Rights Party nvestigation nto the pólice depart ment, Councilmember Jerry DeGrieck is demanding a public hearing, charging that pólice misconduct and brutality occurred at the cráter digging on June 17. When they attempted to dig a symbolic bomb cráter, thirty-five people were arrested and charged with malicious de - struction of property. Ten of these people are also charged with resisting arrest or disorderly conduct. DeGrieck was an eye-witness to the actions of the pólice on the diag on Saturday. He said that the Human Rights Party is gathering photographs and testimony to prove its charges. Jerry and Nancy are also demanding a thorough report from the city administrator, Guy Larcom, on the city's role in the cráter busts. His totally inadequate response to their last request for information about the Bomb Cráter 4 bust, was to give them a pólice and a University of Michigan press release. (Just what we needed to hear, the public lies of the two culprits themselves!) When Jerry called for a public hearing on pólice brutality. Democratie Councilmember Faber responded, "This is a matter for a report, not a public hearing." Jerry said, "I recall one of Mayor Harris's principies is that if any council member requests a public hearing, there will be a public hearing." Republican Councilmember Fairbanks didn't feel capable of making a decisión as he said, "Well, f Mayor Harris wants to have a public hearing, we'll have one, otherwise we won't. (Let the almighty' Harris decide.) Jerry and Nancy will also introduce a resolution urging the University of Michigan to drop its charges against the craterdiggers. The craters were dug to protest the U of M's war research and to express solidarity with the North Vietnamese people. The HRP is now asking all our other elected representatives on City Council to express their solidarity with us by demanding the University drop its ridiculous charges. ANTI-WAR ORDINANCE DEFEATED "There s a responsibility which the City Council of Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor corporations, and the University of Michigan. ..must face up to, that is, responsibility for condoning and abetting the continuing role of the University of Michigan... in the automated destruction of S.E. Asia and its peoples." Dave Gordon's speech to City CouncilJune 19,1972 The Democrats on City Council have joined with Republicans to defeat AntiWar ordinances and resolutions ntroduced by the Human Rights Party. Even though they have publicly denounced the war, they refuse to take any action against local producers of war materials. They voted no on an ordinance declaring producers of war material a public nuisance, and on resolutions condemning U.S. escaJation of the war, declaring Ann Arbor a sanctuary for dsserters and résisters, and assigning the city attorney to aid deserters and résisters. Consequently, it will be difficult to discover if an employer is break ing the watered-down anti-strike breaking ordinance which was passed. The Democrats have also made their promanagement, anti-labor position clear. They voted down HRP anti-strike breakng amendments which would have given striking workers protection against the loss of their only security- their jobs. At the end of the June 12 City Council meetina. HRP member David Cahill "rich professors, lawyers, and shopkpepers now representing the Democratie Party on Council." "It is sad to see that the Council members elected as leberals take positions which would cause Walter Reuther to turn over in his grave. But the combination of Mayor Harris's 'reactionary legalism' and the other Democrats' political paralysis means that even the most minor and ineffective proposals for change in city policy are met with fierce opposition, not only from the Republicans-where it s expected-but from the supposedly progressive Democrats as well.... It is also sad to see Democrats did not dare give any reasons for opposing the anti-war ordinances and resolutions. Their silence condemns them for what they are- supporters of the War Machine." Linda Ross