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The 1972 Ann Arbor Free Concerts cicked off June 1 1 with rock & roll from the Mighty UP, Guardian Agnel, the Brat, and the Mojo Boogie Band (featuring Hawg and Terry Tate, Bill Lynn, and JC Craword). The concerts this year are held at Otis Spann Memorial Field next to Huron High School (scène of Ann Arbor Blues ;estivals of a few years ago) from 2-6 pm every Sunday. The afternoon started off with the Mojo 5oogie Band playing some fine blues and ock & roll. It was a historie moment seeng the Tate brothers starting off this year's concerts they've been around Ann Arbor a long time and have been playing at the ree concerts almost as long as they have )een in existence. (See the two-part hisory of the Ann Arbor Community Parks 'rogram featured in last (no. 33) and this ssue of the SUN). The music continued with the Brat, a ormer Ann Arbor band that has come together again with some brothers from Mt. Clemens. It is good to see them kickin' out he rock & roll again and we hope to see. more of them this summer. Following the Jrat was Guardian Angel, who are getting )etter every time you hear them. The Guardian A;igel are looking for a r.ew name, if you have any suggestions leave a message at the SUN. You should also check out the interview with them is issue no. 33. The last band of the afternoon was the UP kickin' out the people's rock & roll and gettin' everyone up on their feet dancng and going crazy. It was a killer afternoon with a lot of sunshine, the highest okes, people, and energy. Once again here was good organic food on sale at the ood stand. This year the food concession is being run by the Tribal Council Food Committee; you can buy fresh fruit, juices, and cru'ichy munchies for practically nothing, and f you don't have any money you can always go out and sell a few SUNs to make some spare eating change. The Psychedelic Rangers were on hand once again to make sure that everything went smooth and to help anyone who needed help. Drug Help was there to deal with any drug problems and people from the Michigan Marijuana Initiative were there collecting signatures. We have only a couple of weeks left to get the required 265,000 signatures; if you haven't signed the petitions yet, make sure that you do. If you need any nformation about MMI, cali 668-7206 The concert June 18 featured Honky Talk Agnels, RPM, Proud Flesh, and Shadowfax. It was another killer, sunny afternoon and lots of people really got high with the music and righteous tokes. There were a lot of reports of people dealing bogus dope and there were quite a few people who needed help from Drug Help. Everyone should be reminded that taking downers is dangerous enough alone, but if you mix them with alcohol it can really be dangerous. It's really important that we keep death drugs out of the concerts. If you see anyone selling bogus dope, you should teil them that we don't want that shit being dealt to our people, and that they should quit doing it. If they ignore you, teil a Ranger who the person is and heshe will take care of it. Also if you see anyone who is asleep and you have a hard time waking them up, take them to the Drug Help tent right away. No one has to worry about getting busted if you have drug problems, so don't be afraid, the Drug Help people are there to serve you. Playing at the June 25 concerts will be the Boogie Brothers (just returned home from a national tour with Commander Cody), Icarus, and Bad Luck and Trouble Blues Band All the services will be there again, we hope to see everyone out in the parks gettinq high with all our people. LONG LIVE ROCK & ROLL. ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE. i he People's Housing Committee is working on getting a hostel for all the orothers and sisters that wil I be travelling through Ann Arbor this summer so that they will have a place to crash and possibly get sorne free or cheap food. Ifanyonehas any ideas or suggestions of places to be used, cali Genie Plamondon at 761-1709. Right nowOZONE House is trying to deal with the problem, but they need many more people who are willing to crash people in their homes one or more nights a week. If anyone is interested or has any questions, cali OZONE House at 769-6540.