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Welcome Home Paul Greiner!

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Paul Greiner is back on the air, havkig returned to the Motor City at last after being hired by WABX. Paul was one of the mainstays at WRIF until last fall when RIF headed for the mindless sound, and it sure is good to have him kicking out the energy jams back home where he belongs! The final schedule hasn't been se t yet at the big X since the resignations on the air of Larry Monroe and Jim Dulzo, but you'll be hearing Paul regularly at night starting soon. Even with all the weirdness at ABX its going to be great having P.G.'s voice coming through the speaker. . . In other good news for rainbow radio seekers here in southem Michigan Bob Rudnick expanded his gig at CJOM from two to six nights a week. Bob is on Tuesday through Friday nights from midnight to six, Saturday starting at 5 and Sunday night starting at 8. Don't miss the righteous one!