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Ozone House is an organization that carne into existence in early 1970 in an attempt to find creative alternatives and solutions to the problem of so many of our sisters and brothers that run away from their parents. Ozone House s open from 9 am-1am with people available to talk to people who come in for help. Sometimes immediate counseling sessions are set up with the parents, others just want to talk about the problems and then need some time to think about solutions, while others see no chance of re-uniting with their parents at all. In many cases it is necessary to find housing for the young brother or sister. Right now, working with Catholic Social Services, Ozone House provides some temporary or long termed foster homes, but there is not nearly enough. Ozone House is now working to get together a house for runaways and other young people who need a place to live. A grant is being written to try and get government funding for the house.

In addition to the runaway counseling, Ozone House provides a free food program every evening for street people and brothers and sisters who are just traveling through town. Various church groups and women's groups prepare the food and then deli- ver it to the Community Center to be consumed by the people. Oftentimes, this meal is the only meal that some people get all day.

Ozone House is funded in a large part through contributions, but Ann Arbor City Council has allotted funds for it too. Ozone House is helping a lot of people who would otherwise have no place to go, but they still need a lot more help. If you think you may be interested in working for Ozone House, or if you could share a portion of your house, apartment, or room to give someone a place to crash (especially during the Blues & Jazz Festival) stop by at 502 E. Washington or cali 769-6540.