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Jerry Goodwin, pictured above, has been ...

Jerry Goodwin, pictured above, has been ... image
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Jerry Goodwin, pictured above, has been talking to huge radio audiences in Detroit for years. Jerry started out in top 40 am radio, and switched over to fm when it was called "underground" to bring a whole different form of radio to the new culture. Last week he quit his job at WABX to retire, playing a killer show that included a much wider variety of music than you usually hear on ABX. Goodwin was kickin out the jams, with Miles Davis, oldies, and Michigan rock and roll all the way. Too bad ABX doesn't sound like that more often ... Heard Danny Carlisle playing side one of A Love Supreme by John Coltrane on ABX. Hope to hear more of the same BLUES AND JAZZ! A black dj on WRIF was fired recently, and last week U.S. Representative John Conyers spoke out against the firing, calling the communications media "racist" and "deliberately responsible for the inability of black and other disadvantaged peoples to  improve their standards of living and develop their full potential as individuals". The dj in question. Ron Scott, had produced a talk and music show called Soul on Sunday for RIF, which is notorious for coming down on most forms of progressive broadcasting. Scott said he was the victim of "harassment and racism" in that his show had been canceled. Of course Willard Lochridge, WRIF general manager, said Scott was fired because "he refused to abide by station rules that require clearing guests in advance and filling out reports about who appeared on the show." Big Brother needs to keep watching, Lochridge replaced Scott with a more compliant new host, Bill Johnson, also black.