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Question: What do you think of the People's Ballroom? Joe Shwart: I think it's right on because t is full of art. The music here tonight has been very upper level, deep rooted with many layers of meaning. Susannah Juni, Pioneer II student, dancer. The People's Ballroom is really killer because at most places they charge really high prices and rip people off who just want music plus the money just goes to the honkies and with the People's Ballroom the money goes back nto the community. and community orientated projects. Gretchen Lukken, student. I think the people's Ballroom s a very together place and I liked the River City band the best. When I come here I boogie and get high and nave a good time. I saw a picture of what it looked like before they built it, so its really far out that they got together and volunteeied and diri it. ____. Sol Blumson, Ozone House worker. I think the People's Ball - room s an example of the kind of places we need. Places wrvere the things the people need are there for their benefit and not for the benefit of people who want to qet rich. Kim Wilson, student at Community High School and U-M. The People's Ballroom is better than having people out on the street. I really liked Mighty Joe Young who played last night a lot and f you have some extra change you can stay here and get something cold to drink nstead of leaving and going up the street to Gino's. Here they have apple eider which is usually hard to find and the price is right too. ONCE STARTED, A JOURNAL MUST BE RUN CONSCIENTIOUSLY AND WELL. THIS IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE READERS AS WELL AS THE STAFF. IT IS VERY IMPO TAN1 FOR THE READERS TO SEND IN SUGGESTIONS AND WRITE BRIEF LETTERS AND ARTICLEÍ INDICATING WHAT THEY LIKE AND WHAT THEY DISLIKE, FOR THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE THE JOURNAL A SUCCESS. --Mao Tse-tung - - - - - ■